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From Irwin, Pennsylvania, X-Caliber are :
Vocals : Kevin Donegan
Guitars : Jerry Conrad
Guitars : James F.Yedlick
Bass : Bruce Fleckenstein
Drums : Donnie Lee Poland

X-CALIBER recorded the classic "Warriors of the Night" and released it in 1986 on their own private label. "Warriors Of The Night" is an essential romp into mid 80's power fantasy metal.

X-Caliber reveals their songwriting talents through some epic cuts like "Warriors of the Night", "The Sword" and
"Told You Not to Run" and also shows a stunning vocal ability by Kevin Donegan on "Runaway" and The Acoustic Piece "Someday",

The songs are in a medieval mood and played with dramatic arrangements and marvelous melodies. "Rock's Alive" is their metal anthem and speeds like a warhorse in the battlefield.

X-Caliber recorded one full length and dissapeard into oblivion which is such a shame for such a talented band who should have been so big in the rock and metal world,

But still "Warriors Of The Night" is a real treasure and X-Caliber did something special in the true spirit of the 80's heavy metal era for one album atleast.

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