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  • Avatar for BelzebuthMichon
    Call me crazy but Shriek has become my favourite Wye Oak album.
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    sometimes reminds me of school of seven bells
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    Glory is a very good song
  • Avatar for Agusplayer
    The Walking Dead brought me here [18]
  • Avatar for JeanGenie69
    They have changed. And it makes me way sadder than it should. But then again, it seems like this change makes them happy, so I don't feel like I'm entitled to have an opinion on this matter. I'll stick around and see what happens.
  • Avatar for Mefistofelesu
    civilian still the best album
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    It amazes me to hear that people say they "gave up" on guitars. They are still there.. am I missing something? Anyway, "Glory" has been the jam for me. All hail Jenn Wasner! I love her voice. And the fact that she looks like my first girlfriend.
  • Avatar for aneasthesia
    god I love her guitar playing
  • Avatar for edwayles
    I miss the guitars like on The Knot and Civilian, but Shriek is still very, very good. [2]
  • Avatar for MarstonD
    Ребятки с душой
  • Avatar for ecorunner
    I miss the guitars like on The Knot and Civilian, but Shriek is still very, very good.
  • Avatar for ShipDestroyer
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    Last nights shown in Phoenix was so good.
  • Avatar for stefan_skate
    Album of the year.
  • Avatar for Eletrophonic
    shriek é lindimais
  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
    ♪♫ღ♥ Shriek ♥ღ♫♪
  • Avatar for Machiventa
    Shriek is awesome. Love the new direction.
  • Avatar for h_r_f_d
    this sum bullshit
  • Avatar for gustavomosley
    "Shriek" is a masterpiece, already one of my best albums of the year.
  • Avatar for placebo_molko
    heard some songs from civilian on spoptify, i'll surely check out more
  • Avatar for skeletocat
    Should have kept this new sound for the side projects / solo stuff
  • Avatar for affasf
    why you gave up on guitars ;(
  • Avatar for ToothandNail04
    new album is great, even better live.
  • Avatar for uppis5
    my good taste in music brought me here [3]
  • Avatar for zukaus
    New Wye Oak is quite good.
  • Avatar for nofutureinthis
    The drummer looks like Eraserhead. And that's not an insult.
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    Fuck P4k.
  • Avatar for tahbyfet
    @terrylang, I feel it........ still, new album is hella hypnagogic
  • Avatar for ladexter
    loved the knot and civilian, but i think shriek is even better.
  • Avatar for SlashBeastleo
    New album is fantastic, but I agree... really miss that mean sound they have in earlier albums.
  • Avatar for terrylang
    i really applaud the artistic risk-taking in the new one, but i sincerely miss the menace.
  • Avatar for GizemAksoy
  • Avatar for zarinarocks
    new album sounds fantastic
  • Avatar for c0rdell
    listening to the new album , its ok so far
  • Avatar for cortapasso
    Shriek <3
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    i may or may not have pre-ordered the vinyl package after hearing shriek (spoiler alert: i did). god bless you jenn wasner
  • Avatar for R-Mac
    my good taste in music brought me here [2]
  • Avatar for tommoo
    the tower, damn.
  • Avatar for Ighuc
    Thank you Shearwater for bringing me here! lovelove
  • Avatar for ktparker
    I must admit, I'm a little nervous to hear that their new album will take a different direction. I love that guitar! But I'm still excited to get something new from this awesome band soon.
  • Avatar for johnakoseco
    Thank god I watch The Walking Dead and found these guys!
  • Avatar for tahbyfet
    srsly, The Knot, oh shit
  • Avatar for tahbyfet
    2 many feels :|
  • Avatar for mota_vation
    take it in
  • Avatar for raadd
    my good taste in music brought me here
  • Avatar for Nad38
    Walking Dead brought me here, but still an awesome band.
  • Avatar for kasperjonsi
    Uhhhh los conocí por Future Islands
  • Avatar for colorme_teal
    It's best to listen to Wye Oak when you're layin on your bed naked and getting drunk
  • Avatar for wow_dandy
  • Avatar for Debaser987
    They slay live. Go buy that ticket when they come through - you won't regret it. Tell 'em a random guy from the internet sent you.


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