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  • Avatar for DopeLaSoul
    One of the best Wu-Tang tracks (and just Hip Hop tracks in general) of all time...
  • Avatar for xlowerpwnx
  • Avatar for achromes
  • Avatar for tolimee
    wu tang fo eva
  • Avatar for Elturtle
    so fuckin sick
  • Avatar for steveisms
  • Avatar for Fatbirdsdontfly
    This means RZA knows besides samurai pictures, his Godard.
  • Avatar for Malkamillian
    what's with the shit remix?
  • Avatar for xlowerpwnx
    Wu-Fu Biatches <3
  • Avatar for Kyra-FZU
  • Avatar for Malkamillian
    can I love this more than once?
  • Avatar for daveandi
    ALWAYS buy the tang, u unnerstand wha' I'm sayin'
  • Avatar for fudgelick
    was at this show, phillyy?
  • Avatar for Malkamillian
    One of the best. Used to play it all the time in a bar I worked in - got everyone's head nodding.
  • Avatar for U_O_ME_
    1 of my fav WU TANG SONGS
  • Avatar for xlowerpwnx
    maker and creator of the devil :P
  • Avatar for metal180
    Remember what Ol' Dirty said.
  • Avatar for curbcandy
    trippy song
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
  • Avatar for Noisyturtle
  • Avatar for GraySage
  • Avatar for JUDGEDOOM1
  • Avatar for IAJP - RZA is insane for sampling this.
  • Avatar for dth3tr
    At least the edits are unique. They almost add to the song.
  • Avatar for daveandi
    mmmmm Method!
  • Avatar for xlowerpwnx
    classic of classics !
  • Avatar for Zaphbot
    Probably my favorite Rap track.
  • Avatar for lifeabove619
    good to see the ladies bumpin the wu
  • Avatar for lifeabove619
    had to be the clean version. ick. wtc dirtier than hell. how do you edit them. wtc kills, clean tracks are whack.
  • Avatar for Cazweigun
    This is my favourite track from the W.
  • Avatar for Cazweigun
  • Avatar for Ariues
    no superman is where its at
  • Avatar for ebola_rouge
    da track is hot... :D :D :D
  • Avatar for Perfecteye18
    Nothing better..
  • Avatar for noattitudestuff
    move ur ass to THIS classic!
  • Avatar for fireicicle
    3, 2, 1
  • Avatar for TheIntalexAdept
    behold the pale horse!
  • Avatar for FCEAue
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeer Wu-Tang clan
  • Avatar for ArrahDre
    as we gooooooo
  • Avatar for ckunke002
    Check out my Gravel Pit!!
  • Avatar for ckunke002
    "god wu tang sucks..meth and red is where it's at." *Shaking my head all of over the place*
  • Avatar for editwikipedia
    cant stand bentleys they cost too much
  • Avatar for puppyhand
    back, back and forth and forth
  • Avatar for LisaVee1976
    I'm the MUTHAFUCKING GOLDEN ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for softwarebrains
  • Avatar for sXestraightedge
    who the hell is yaku and wusup with pork chops
  • Avatar for Stillblade
    "god wu tang sucks..meth and red is where it's at." Good lord. @ this post.
  • Avatar for DerynSharp
    god wu tang sucks..meth and red is where it's at.
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Too many chambers!!
  • Avatar for nomel333
    Wu Tang the great. Hot gritts.


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