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  • Avatar for perfiryev
    you guys fu**ing best
  • Avatar for faithlessss
    my very love
  • Avatar for Whitefawn
    Intense and so good for my ears
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    wtf so underground hurr durr #hipsters [2]
  • Avatar for oSavior
    thanks jane
  • Avatar for whenyrsad
    saw these gents put on a great, albeit short, show last night. very sincere.
  • Avatar for RobinHarder
    very intense and beautiful.
  • Avatar for anti-tristu
    wtf so underground hurr durr #hipsters
  • Avatar for Fresh_Veggies
    oh my god
  • Avatar for steal-kill
    this is just fucking great and beautiful music
  • Avatar for Sitrec
    I slept on this band for way too long. Good stuff [3] Thanks The Flenser!
  • Avatar for kapitan_govno
    Производят впечатление нормальных парней.
  • Avatar for mokkorikuku
    Similar Artist White Suns Fuckin Indeed.
  • Avatar for neurotonico
    The drums are outstanding.
  • Avatar for Hopkinator
    I slept on this band for way too long. Good stuff [2]
  • Avatar for MrcBrz
    Weird. SPILL / FILL remix FREE DOWNLOAD -
  • Avatar for Walenta
    Wreck and reference Feature @ The Heavy Pop Advent calender:
  • Avatar for nervous_brkdown
  • Avatar for szuparnapol
    Black Cassette. Listen to this fucking thing.
  • Avatar for silentbodom91
    I slept on this band for way too long. Good stuff
  • Avatar for Massive_Anus
    wow new album. white suns married with unwound
  • Avatar for antiperiodic
    So they just announced a new album that comes out for fucking free in 5 days. It's 75 tracks and is either 8 hours or 8 minutes.
  • Avatar for I__--__--__I
    Not really feeling the new album compared to the others
  • Avatar for Uchiha_HyBreeD
    New album is a raw piece of art.
  • Avatar for Cosmonaut_
    It has taken me far too long to check this band out. Want is utterly sublime and wonderfully bleak.
  • Avatar for ohsoimpulsive
    For me Wreck and Reference is like if I was dating Genghis Tron and I loved her deeply but it just didn't work out. Then years later after some bad relationships, (possibly involving some abuse and a brief fling with heroin) she comes back as W&R. A little older, a little more mature, but with some serious baggage.
  • Avatar for x9258
    this is amazing
  • Avatar for DecomposingTree
    the music is great but the album covers are even better
  • Avatar for Lhope91
    bankrupt is dope
  • Avatar for kindsatan
    That's some shit!
  • Avatar for ISyed
    Very cool live, kind of a Prurient-y vibe at times but... doomier. Regretting sleeping on them.
  • Avatar for LucasXavierReis
    Their new album is spectacular.
  • Avatar for vibrationofsoul
    It's so rad that they put a cup of chocolate milk on the front cover. W&R are just big kids >:)
  • Avatar for ohsoimpulsive
    This is some cool shit.
  • Avatar for siegelandrew
    what the fuck how is this band so awesome
  • Avatar for ChristophArmada
    want is the album we deserve
  • Avatar for omaCore
    Want is a goddamn masterpiece.
  • Avatar for noisemo
    not as good as no youth but maybe I just need to give it a few more listens.
  • Avatar for ThiDesRe
    New album is amazing.
  • Avatar for affasf
    finally, a good cover art lol
  • Avatar for heshbreakfast
  • Avatar for pigofthehill
  • Avatar for beshitted
    Nausea fucks me up completely and entirely
  • Avatar for Psydic
  • Avatar for OctopusGuy
    ignat is wreck and felix is reference. duh.
  • Avatar for mugginz
    @chrononauts it makes no reckerance
  • Avatar for salvminerva
  • Avatar for vibrationofsoul
    Wreck & Ralph
  • Avatar for mortauxvaches_
    no content is not a piece of art, but No youth and black cassette are quite cool IMO
  • Avatar for OnTheFly
    ugly covers? No youth is one of the most stunning album covers I know. But in the end, it's all subjective anyways.


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