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Woody Guthrie

Car Song (1:51)


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  • what can I say, Woody is Woody. He's one of the greatest songsters we have had. He wrote great tunes. This is definitely what a child's song is suppose to be like not one of these stupidly nonsensical sounding disney tunes. or one of those you hear on the tube or the radio these days. I was born in the nineties, I've heard enough of that crap! Well crafted and actually suitable for children.
  • So funny :D Arooooooooooooooooarh Ooooahh I'll take you riding in the car!!!!!!! [2]
  • Love it!
  • damn, woody guthrie was based as fuck!
  • Finally, a song I can sing, and to be sounding properly not only in my head.
  • LOL
  • <3
  • origin of beatbox here?
  • me and my wife make woopie to this song all day!!!!!!
  • Love it, love his humor!!! :)
  • I had this song by Caroline Heston. Must have it up in my loft still. Planning to get a record deck soon so I can play all my old records again.
  • he wrote this song for his kids, for cereals!, and also he pooped every day until he died
  • silence.
  • you don't hear songs like this pounding out of car stereos enough :)
  • :)
  • Nice song. :)
  • brrriii tbrrrrr
  • And the hits just keep on comin
  • Click-clack, boys and girls...
  • Arooooooooooooooooarh Ooooahh I'll take you riding in the car!!!!!!!
  • Brilliant [2]
  • Brilliant indeed!
  • Brilliant
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrfiYAvdUuQ&feature=channel
  • Great!
  • Ah ah! Finally I know the name of the song.... ....by chance! Without looking for it. :)
  • haha. : D
  • That`s how a good car is gonna sound. And that`s how a good songs gonna sound.
  • Great commercial indeed. I like it how they just let the song do all the talking.
  • As featured in the Audi Q5 television ad
  • ppuurrr purrrr
  • he's gonna kill fascists in a car crash
  • Every child should listen to this song at least once a day.
  • hahaha, awesome
  • Good job he wasn't serious then.
  • Apparently, Woody was drunk as shit when he sang this one.

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