• Pre-Screening: Woods

    3 Apr 2009, 23:16 by JohnCa55illo

    The following appears on my music blog, Animal Noises- feel free to check it out.

    Album: Songs of Shame
    Artist: Woods
    Label: Shrimper/Woodsist
    Due Out: April 14th

    Bright, clear and pleasant, Woods' newest effort, Songs of Shame, has seemingly come out of the (wait for it)...woods, so to speak. Mixing elements of lo-fi, psychadelia and folk, the album does not mark a departure from their earlier sound, but rather, a reworking of it. It's still the same band, just making the natural progression toward a more mature and refined sound. I've already seen some skepticism amongst fans around the web, similar to the hesitance of Iran's fans to embrace the band's fantastic new album, Dissolver. However, if the skeptics bear with me for this, maybe they might come around, and even learn to enjoy this new and interesting listen.

    The opener, To Clean, brings a sort of raw and youthful energy out immediately. …