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  • Avatar for Asatre
    Thx to Walking Dead)
  • Avatar for rprabhakar
    Back to Land is an awesome psych rock album.All tracks are great and the guitar is phenomenal
  • Avatar for FinFlake
    Curly haired Stallone!
  • Avatar for VinnieIcius
    Looking Out is like "let's dance till our feet starts to bleed".
  • Avatar for MKTJ03
    this is cooler than being cool
  • Avatar for ClahRR
  • Avatar for thesilentview
    yea baby yea!!
  • Avatar for Nagsworth
    This band is pretty good and all, but they're basically like a poor man's Oneida aren't they?
  • Avatar for OffiziellerTeil
    Why you not play live in Germany? :-(
  • Avatar for Hetfield55
    check out german review - das neue Album!
  • Avatar for Sanctus0815
    These Shadows is one of their greatest tracks. the new album is great!
  • Avatar for TriptheLight
    mids are too high on the recordings but overall great band
  • Avatar for madrfadr
    great opening for Back to Land
  • Avatar for nocturana
    Nice gig in Glasgow last night, good stuff!
  • Avatar for levitate85
    Back To Land features in our Top 100 albums of the year (100-50)!
  • Avatar for frags
    Vampire Blues is the best track. Honorable mention: Fallin'
  • Avatar for andrey_ka
    Новые очень хороший альбомчик. Спокойный психодел такой, часто этой зимой буду слушать)
  • Avatar for kidfortoday
    liking the new album, particularly 'servants'
  • Avatar for BjungGu
    other stars
  • Avatar for Caspiannnnn
    awesome band. Just got back into them- pretty awesome live too, extremely entertaining
  • Avatar for eusa_kills
    Ima start a band called Wooden Shjips to spite ozmiroid. All our songs and albums will have the same names too. We'll be a WS covers band.
  • Avatar for eusa_kills
    It's amazing.
  • Avatar for newdat
    wow the new LP is so good...
  • Avatar for jackwobbley
    VaMpIrE bLuEs
  • Avatar for OKay-brained
    so glad to hear new Wooden Shjips!!
  • Avatar for ozmiroid
    Good stuff. And so many band bios start out like "there are 11 bands with this name - 3 punk rock, 4 hip hop, 1 country western, 3 death metal ..." ... no way that's happening to this band :)
  • Avatar for andrey_ka
    перцы играют отличный психодел
  • Avatar for justinehering
    "We Ask You To Ride" makes me think of the Doors. [2] totally, immediately. but hell, I love Doors. and these guys here produce fine tunes as well.
  • Avatar for AnzeSupertramp
  • Avatar for karintheowl
  • Avatar for petulkator
    visceral stretching-to-infinity power
  • Avatar for stefcio007
    they are just A M A Z I N G!
  • Avatar for MarkTheMighty
    why is Down By The Sea not in the top charts for this band? this song is mindbendingly good
  • Avatar for little_grrls
    Review of the Shjips gig in Berlin this summer.
  • Avatar for souls_at_zero
    one of the greatest live performances I've had the pleasure of attending. A must see if they come to your town.
  • Avatar for majo334
    great performance
  • Avatar for Spacebel
    Spacemen 3 is never too far away when you need them ... goddamn right that is!
  • Avatar for arajs
  • Avatar for Losergaze
    "We Ask You To Ride" makes me think of the Doors. Awesome stuff!
  • Avatar for Pooka_McPhelimy
    Great to see them get some recognition. Saw 'Lazy Bones' used in one of the episodes of The Walking Dead recently
  • Avatar for 3rdparty
    Live at Primavera Sound Festival 2009 on WFMU:
  • Avatar for MistahJohnson
    They're not very good while sober...
  • Avatar for obedgloria
    DOn't GET PISSED OFF It is just FIRST IMPRESSIONS not an actual review. (I'm spamming all the shoutboxes with out any regrets. Sincerly, your awesome LAST.FM reviewing blog SKREWNAYHLS)
  • Avatar for DrSocrates
    it could not be better
  • Avatar for LSBumblebee
    Reaches the Third Bardo in minutes.
  • Avatar for GoneF
    tasty psychedelia
  • Avatar for necrorgasmique
    YALFMD ! (Yet Another Discovery) not far away from [artist]Moon Duo[/artist] btw
  • Avatar for aybesea69
    Great... just great!
  • Avatar for sarahlloyd83
    @CoolJets > 'sheeps' ;)
  • Avatar for jaTaa


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