• anatomy of an omnibus

    7 Aug 2010, 09:13 by Dasr

    D★SELDOM is a domestic omnibus limited edition (3000 copies only!) compilation album of Various Indie Artists released by Shinseido, Japan. The albums included some of the best of Japanese indie for the time-line. To date -- There are eleven albums in the series, released between July 2002, and December 2005.

    The compilations contain 247 songs, over 200 artists -- with Yum!Yum!Orange, HIGHWAY61 and Jindou contributing the most songs to the series (4 each).

    Each post contains; the track number (1st), song title (2nd), artist ((3rd) including being linked to the LastFM artist page), product id# and cover art. If you want to explore the original blog post linked to the artist homepage url, or other information resource -- You can access it here:

    D★SELDOM  其の1 (2002.07.15)
    DISC 1
    01.愛するPOW(F.O) - B-DASH
    02.駆け抜けて青春 - Going Steady
    03.レット・イット・シャイン - HIGHWAY61
    04.MY SWINGING STYLE - Easy Grip
  • bi:təl'ɛsk

    4 Feb 2008, 02:26 by nolandvd

    From wikipedia:
    Beatlesque (pronounced /bi:təl'ɛsk/) is a term used to describe rock and pop bands and musicians who were influenced by The Beatles and make music that is very similar. New bands are promoted as being "The next Beatles" or "The new Fab Four", and members of the media refer to musical acts as being "Beatlesque".

    The Beatles' influence is so pervasive, it can be hard to quantify. They influenced just about all popular music that came after them in one way or another, whether that be in songwriting, publishing, image, approach to albums and singles, live performance, promotion.... But their direct influence is easier to trace. In the early days, their mix of R&B, skiffle, the Everly Brothers and girl group harmonies were copied by many other Liverpudlian and British bands. Even bands like the Rolling Stones, who would come to be invoked commonly as everything the Beatles were not, were influenced by them in their formative years, going so far as to cover a Lennon-McCartney song. …