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[b]Band members (as of 2001):[/b] [b]Band members (as of 2001):[/b]
-PK Kvalheim, [i]lead vocal[/i]+Per Kr. Kvalheim, [i]lead vocal[/i]
Endre E. Olsen, [i]guitar[/i] Endre E. Olsen, [i]guitar[/i]
Kyrre Myklebust, [i]guitar[/i] Kyrre Myklebust, [i]guitar[/i]

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Mainly Wonderbelly have been working together since 1995. It's a kind of pop/rock band, playing melodic guitar oriented music. The band made about 3 demos, and had their debut in the norwegian market with the released of an EP in december 2001, called So Alive. Band members (as of 2001): Per Kr. Kvalheim, lead vocal Endre E. Olsen, guitar Kyrre Myklebust, guitar Liv Inger Engevik, bass, vocal Ivar Loe Bjørnstad, drums The band split up in 2003.