• 2013

    30 Dec 2013, 22:44 by mav-stark

    I never thought that any band will posses the power to move my heart once again since and Big Bang owned it a long time ago.
    I never planned this (how a love can be planned and reasonable) but it happened.
    What I had planned was to watch WIN: WHO IS NEXT out of curiosity to take a look for what YG was hiding on his basement. What I got was: blood, tears and pain.
    But I don't mind since these amazingly talented boys appeared in my life.
    강승윤 미노 남태현 이승훈 진우 I am yours - wholeheartedly.
    Patiently waiting for your debut stage. I don't have any doubt that it will be daebak.
    Smile Again perfection - lost count how many times I saw this

    I was not pleased by them last year but I have changed my attitude during this year promotion. They are nice boys with great skills but above all SM is doing a wonderful job in producing, promoting and creating their boyish image. I have that strong vision about a large amount of cash pumped onto producing their 1st album. …