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  • This one is where Viet Cong came from.
  • More like This Heat distraction, amirite? [2]
  • yeah, this song is pretty decent. the guitar reminds me of Polvo.
  • like
  • like these guys, ans the bandname is genius lol
  • real neat
  • I love it.
  • wohwdsow.
  • More like This Heat distraction, amirite?
  • guitar work[2] really composed, cool, collected, almost math rock-ish but very hazy and psychedelic all the same.. driving bass and vocal distortion very cool too
  • this was the best song of 2010
  • Love the guitar work, and I love the vocals.
  • not such a creative band name
  • i'd say 49% of this song is good.
  • Love the guitar, but I haaaate the vocals.
  • Lindo de mas!
  • Dig it!
  • very deerhoof
  • Hi , it is Very good
  • beautiful women
  • love this band.
  • the signatures are 13/8, 5/4, 4/4, 13/8, ... :-)
  • reminds me of television.
  • Ain't it (part of it) in 7/8 time sig? Very mental.
  • @Aaron342 Wow, thanks, I think you're right! It's the change-up on the sixth beat that was throwing me off. So crazy, so awesome.
  • @MatthewMcVickar 13/8 I think. Crazy stuff.
  • What time signature is this even in?
  • this live was incredible. god, these riffs.
  • 2:41 is sweet
  • This is awesome.
  • They get into an awesome groove right around 1:05
  • basslines.

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