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  • 4 years of

    30 Aug 2011, 01:04 by pecusita

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to commemorate the 4 year anniversary of one pecusita and 4 years. Who knew it would last this long?!

    Even though the written communication seems to have decreased, the psycho addiction to the numbers is still as strong as ever. Heck, I've even increased one full track to average 75 plays per day, up one from last year. We're going steady, my love.

    Cold Hard Facts

    Total Scrobbles
    1st year - 47,036 (includes tracks scrobbled at sign up)
    2nd year - 76,168 (+29,062)
    3rd year - 98,209 (+22,041)
    4th year - 127,105 (+28,896)

    Number of artists in Library
    1st year - 649 artists
    2nd year - 1,119 artists (+470)
    3rd year - 1,844 artists (+725)
    4th year - 2,816 (+972)

    As you can see both stats have gained significantly, up 77.26% for scrobbles and 65.48% for artists! Just like I mentioned before, a steady stat profit increase. Yes, I still use quite a bit. To this date I have 1,379 listeners; 7,507 blips; 6,767 props. …
  • Album review: Women - "Public Strain"

    27 Sep 2010, 06:40 by Quartertonality

    (Originally posted to my blog, here:

    Women’s latest release, “Public Strain”, is artier and more experimental than much of what is out there right now. The album leans towards an early Sonic Youth aesthetic with its use of ambiance, noise, feedback drones and aggressive guitar attacks with through-composed song structures, but also throws in a few tricks from the prog. side of things with angular rhythms and odd time signatures. The album also juxtaposes ultra-lofi sounds with clear production and apathetic vocals that are paired with confident instrumental work through out.

    There are many exciting contrasts on “Public Strain”. Songs that hide melody beneath layers and layers of ambiance and noise are placed next to more easily digestible material that features a catchy hook, or infectious guitar riff. The track “Bells” is simply a feedback drone that seems to come directly out of the bleak soundscape of “Penal Colony” which features…
  • ŽIVA MUZIKA [20] 2010/06/29

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