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Black Rice (3:16)


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  • cool
  • tropical ash
  • stunningly unique and well-composed
  • And also very good.
  • This song is happy and sad at the same time. And also very good.
  • d0l
    those pitch changes make me positively tingly.
  • [track artist=just another snake cult]I'll Never Let You Go, My Dear[/track] Download it: http://justanothersnakecult.bandcamp.com/track/ill-never-let-you-go-my-dear
  • Such a fine song, for such a fine day
  • really good!
  • Like Syd Barret fed Brian Wilson brown acid and hijacked the Smile sessions.
  • this song is so similar to tired of waiting by the kinks
  • Still their best track
  • so good
  • sounds quite kinks-esque from the start to me, a bit 70's. great song.
  • yeah. cool.
  • I wish I could love this song twice.
  • if only the entire album was this good, then it'd be a real gem.
  • mmmm mmm mmm
  • Great track....<3
  • Was this song in a movie or TV show? It sounds familiar.
  • this is a good one!
  • Holy shit, an updated beach boys. Pure win
  • my current favourite track in the known universe !!!
  • love it
  • i am typically bored by "indie" rock-type things these days, but this is cool shtuff
  • Bad Day by Blur :) [2]
  • hahaa awsome! i've met these dudes in berlin on tuesday! really nice guys, cause we love the german beer;)
  • Went to a show for Abe Vigoda then Women steals the show... Both were good however =D
  • ilike
  • this song playing in my head constantly .. is that a good thing ???
  • Women were the best band we have seen this year... amazing! come back soon.
  • jagjaguwar records out of indiana is there label some good stuff on there u should all check it out
  • impressive. me like.
  • @ _________ @ yeah!
  • it's too bad last.fm is becoming a pay-site (outside of USA, UK and Germany), because it will make exposure to good new bands like this one much more difficult. not to mention a canadian band like WOMEN.
  • blah blah blah this song rules, so stop it. stop it! love ya canadians
  • cool
  • Makes me happhappety.
  • Favourite band now. Can't wait to hear this song in person when they come to Vancity!
  • This jamm is ddddddope
  • Why are people suck pricks? Different people like different music and it's okay. Stop being so hateful.
  • you sir are incredibly pretentious
  • so good
  • It's just a hollow synthesis of baroque pop and indie rock, get the fuck over it, and you Canadian imbeciles must stop wasting your time combining different blends of ridiculous, dead things together-- It's shallow. And it's a well wrought song, but rarely does one listen to a song that has any meaning, and the same goes for this postmodern aesthetic of bringing back the dead. Listen to fucking Mahler, twits.
  • black rice is actually very tasty. its cooked with squid ink. great song, also
  • Very Shins-y. Groovy.
  • i'm sorry, this doesn't sound anything like the beach boys to me. it's a beautiful, great song though.
  • Heard this song on the radio this other day and thought it might be a Beach Boys song I've never heard (I've really only heard the hits + Pet Sounds). Really great song, but I'm not sure about the rest of the album.
  • song reminds me of the stone roses...maybe.


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