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  • Avatar for LightMassPrayer
    What the fuck is a hate crystal
  • Avatar for lul_peter
  • Avatar for Chrome_Ada
    The comments below make me sad. [2] I must be getting old, but I don't even know what "swag" means....
  • Avatar for SkylineFugitive
    This crystal is vile and hateful.
  • Avatar for IchRufDieBullen
    The comment below makes me sad.
  • Avatar for realfuckingnito
    The comments below make me sad.
  • Avatar for nukleardeath
  • Avatar for EvanClark
    This song has mad swagger. Both songs are fuck illin', but this one more so than Looming Resonance. It's just so slick. Awesome shit.
  • Avatar for mambo4dude
    i don't listen to alot of BM but this band are pure SWAG++, love the atmosphere, although its all rapid and stuff its kinda relaxing, mainly cus of the fantasic way its mixed, and i wish i could drum like that, i would have passed out by half way
  • Avatar for Tobeman1
    actually my favourite song by this band
  • Avatar for nilzzzberghman
    Crystal Ammunition is a better Crystal tune.
  • Avatar for Danny1337
    I never get tired of this song.
  • Avatar for kah-nayt
  • Avatar for DreadfulYgg
    Correct, sir. This song > Black Cascade.
  • Avatar for GlovesElectric
    Hmm... I prefer this track to all those on Black Cascade.
  • Avatar for Lazorblade
  • Avatar for TxusMx
    way better than a looming resonance [2]
  • Avatar for Danny1337
    This is truly a masterpiece <3
  • Avatar for ShinobiNoRyuu
    shit is dope
  • Avatar for Alex8V
  • Avatar for DreadfulYgg
    That riff is pure win.
  • Avatar for sherbertfox
    What a tune!
  • Avatar for wormguy
    This track sounds incredible on vinyl.
    And this is great one. Nice to hear that vocal.. Damm great songs.. I dont expected from this album, but its awesome \m/
  • Avatar for winterhymn
    The last few minutes are great.
  • Avatar for Oraene
    Fucking love it.
  • Avatar for Slipkyes
    Very solid album, I love the vocals on this track, nice contrast from the vox on a looming resonance
  • Avatar for mycoolyoung
    I don't think I enjoy this as much as A Looming Resonance. Still a solid EP
  • Avatar for parys_pl
    the second
  • Avatar for baphometmsk
    Everybody hail scene
  • Avatar for baphometmsk
    The first one i am

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