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Wolves in the Throne Room

Crystal Ammunition (14:20)


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  • I wonder what this song is about...
  • Любимый трек
  • 4:34-5:52
  • outro is damn epic!
  • I would play this while building a bonfire in the woods.[2] Totally agreed.
  • yeah.
  • I don't understand how this band gets a bad rap from the Black Metal community. They make great, atmospheric music.
  • Awesome
  • As ammunition goes, crystal is right up there with cardboard and wet lettuce-leaf.
  • I used to like this one, but it's honestly pretty boring. If you're going to repeat a riff fro two full minutes you had better have a pretty kick-ass riff. Here, it's barely even a riff. Three notes, two of which held for an ungodly amount of time. I could take a maybe a minute of this without getting annoyed, but this is just padding.
  • yeah i heard this and the outro was epic...as fuck. the whole damn thing is, really. amazing.
  • Did they use two different snare drums on this? It seems that one snare drum is so tightly tuned that that you can actually hear "pings" preceding the initial snare sound. Maybe it's just me but I dislike the snare tone on this one, especially the couple of minutes during the blasting..."ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping" sounds like someone banging away on beer bottles. But yes, its a beautiful outro - reminds me of walking through a snowy forest on a winter's evening.
  • Duel to the death.
  • loop 0:00-2:02 and headbang!
  • @catmarlowe -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2cLVsFETxA 6:30
  • Amazing live. So I had to go see them again...and again...
  • The outro is epic as fuck. [∞]
  • thank you Looney Tunes L.I for introducing me to you dudes. Native Washingtonians.
  • Fuck this song is amazing... I think the first 5 minutes are better than the outro though :P
  • The outro is epic as fuck. [80]
  • Fantastic...
  • This was incredible live.
  • And I always thought Pygmallion by Lycia is pure beauty. ;_;
  • I love Wolves in the Throneroom sooo much. :] So good. Outro <3
  • I would play this while building a bonfire in the woods.
  • So what sort of weaponry do you use crystal ammunition in?
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Lake+of+Blood
  • The intro is epic as fuck
  • is that an inny or n outy ohh an outy u say
  • The outro is epic as fuck. [4]
  • Beautiful
  • The outro is epic as fuck. [3]
  • The outro is epic as fuck. [2]
  • Awesome, awesome track............
  • nice darkness...
  • d3s
    epic and awesome.. wow :)
  • Super awesome chorus. Epic
  • Lol @ name. Great song though.
  • omg this is such a great song. epic shit. the "I will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots" of this album, if you ask me

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