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There are four bands named Wolfshade:

(1) A black metal project originating from Dagneux, Rhône-Alpes, France.

Wolfshade was formed in 2005 by Kadhaas. Kadhaas, the single member of the project, composed for some time past, taking inspiration from the myths and the esoteric world created by the author H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937). The album "Evening Star …" appeared in 2006 after the signing through Forgotten Wisdom Productions. This enigmatic opus is an oneiric journey beyond space and time. A journey across the abyss of nothingness, where the shadows lie in their eternal sleep. The Evening Star lights up the dark way of a forgotten past . The second album "Trouble" was released in 2008 through Wraith Productions.

(2) A heavy/power metal band from Brest, Belarus

Style – hard’n’heavy/speed metal
Country – Republic of Belarus (BY)
Year of foundation – 1998
Website – www.wolfshade.bchc.eu
Myspace – www.myspace.com/wolffshade
Actual staff:
-Sergey Stahovsky – vocals;
-Yury Kolytchev – guitar;
-Vladimir Stahovsky – keyboards;
-Stanislav Syuzev – bass;
-Yegor Prochorenko – drums.

The band WOLFSHADE was formed in Brest, Belarus in 1998 by Sergey Stahovsky(ex-LEGION, GLADIATOR), Vladimir Stahovsky(ex-LEGION, GLADIATOR) and Oleg Yuzephovitch(ex-COBRA, GLADIATOR). Viatcheslav Filimonov and Dmitry Kudyniuk were invited as a bass player and a drummer. This staff made the first performance at METALSHOCK fest in Minsk in June of 1998. Threr were Concerts and studio work after that. The first demo "Sun of the sleepless" was recorded in 1999. It was released on record label S.S.L. Prods in Poland in 2000 and reissued on SoundAge label in Moscow, but with other mastering. The first album "Bats in the belfry" was recorded in 2000. One more member of the band appeared at that moment. It was a perfect guitar player Yury Kolytchev(ex- UDAR, COBRA). The band was doing active concert work, but Oleg and Dmitry left it in 2002 due to personal reasons. Album "Samhain" was recorded the same year and it was released by belarusian record label Deathbell Prods, after that Viatcheslav was dismissed. To crown it all the band has lost its rehearsal base and didn't do any concert activity for two years. But the depression time wasn't spent in vain. Within two years the musicians built their own rehearsal base and obtained equipment necessary for the full activity. And the problem of the staff was solved: in summer 2004 Stanislav Syuzev(ex-PULSAR) became a bass player, and in November of the same year Sergey Rutchkin who despite his younger age (at that moment he was just 14) struck everyone with his perfect drum beat, occupied the post of a drummer. This staff started the rehearsals. In 2005 the band have gigs lot of performances, including the one at the "Freezing point" fest together with TT-34, it also performed at the presentation of the tribute album to GODS TOWER in Minsk.
In 2006-2007 WOLFSHADE continued its concert activity. It performed at METALFEST II, Tribute to IRON MAIDEN in Minsk and gave concerts together with TT-34 and DRAGONFLAME.
In 2008 the band finished its work on the new album "Still Alive" that was released in May, new program was presented at "Musical sparring" (Minsk), Goblin Show (Odessa, UA), and at the big international fest Metal Heads Mission (Eupathoria, UA).

“Sun of the sleepless”(demo) (S.S.L.\Sound age) – 1998
“Bats in the belfry” (Deathbell Prods) – 2000
“Samhain” (Deathbell Prods) – 2002
“Tribute to GODS TOWER” – “Blood” (BMAgroup) – 2005
“Still Alive (I’ve Never Died Before)” – 2008

(3) An earlier incarnation of the German brutal death metal band Gorezone.

(4) A brazilian Dark Metal band from Vitória, ES.

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