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  • Very pity if it's dead One of the best thrash albums ever done http://www.dogica.com
  • is this band dead? Disappointing =\
  • Vocals don't suck. Hell this is an awesome band.
  • Gibts die eigentlich noch??
  • vocal really sucks
  • another empire turns to dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • когда новый выйдет альбом????
  • I0O
    Они Без Вести Пропали.
  • скоро ли выйдет их новый альбом?
  • the entire band is.
  • yes the singer is from austria, I think
  • It's almost the Gothenburg sound fused with 80s bay area thrash. I think the vocals are good, but the lyrics are poor. Maybe the singer is not a natural English speaker???
  • Great power of melody! Awesome riffs. Reminds me Rage - Soundchaser album. Those who like this stuff will like that album too.
  • Boahr, Jungs ... haut mal ein neues Album raus. ;-)
  • surprisingly good, kind of reminds me of the MoP-era Metallica
  • there's not much thrash (maybe that modern thrash/groove) on Anthems of Resistance, though i still enjoy that album.
  • Best austrian THRASH band!!
  • Didn't they want to finish the new album in the end of 2008?
  • This is most excellent.
  • Vocals truly suck. But the rest is more than awesome.
  • some nice melodies and songs, but man, i hate that vocalists, they could do waaaay better without him.
  • "So overrated :-/ ! these guys are shit." Because 4,000 listeners is totally over rated.
  • Nice words @cysquatch1 & dacha_31. *g* I think they are ok. I like them.
  • no.
  • vocals sucks, and the music is too much influenced by metalcore
  • So overrated :-/ ! these guys are shit.
  • Okay, Just got, and it sounds great! Will have to find that album in Australia somewhere..
  • I'm going to download Last Dance of a Dying King to see what I think of this band :)
  • they really rule!!!!! true fuckin' thrash metal!!
  • wow, new album, YES PLEASE
  • what's up?!
  • !!!
  • yeah, that's right. it's supposed to be understood as a tribute, i guess. Wops mentioned it in an interview.
  • thrash thrash thrash it is so tight
  • throsh!
  • So underrated :-/ ! these guys are awesome.
  • record shop?
  • Where can you get this shit?
  • Muito interessante.... O riffs me lembraram muito o som do Mortal Sin no último álbum dos caras. Espero encontrar material desses caras o quanto antes.
  • agreed.
  • by far the best recent thrash band. fuck evile. fuck warbringer. this is the real shit
  • could be, but imo they are very good. i mean vocals. music rocks too.
  • yes? xD
  • vocals could be better?
  • Wow! It kicks ass! \m/
  • Roxxors!
  • they sound good! \m/
  • YEAH, got the CD today... it's just awesome. I have to listen it sometimes to pick a favourite song. But for now it's Religion of Control.
  • To Challenge Death is bloody awesome
  • Very good,really !


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