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[b]Live Band Members[/b] [b]Live Band Members[/b]

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http://www.myspace.com/witnesstochange http://www.myspace.com/witnesstochange

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www.witnesstochange.co.uk Other Sites:- www.myspace.com/witnesstochange twitter.com/witnesstochange http://www.last.fm/music/Witness+to+Change Live Band Members Alex || Phil || Shaun Location Reading, UK, Earth Who is Witness to Change? Born in the UK, Witness to Change aka Shaun Hinchi is a multi instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, singer and artist. Witness to Change starting taking an interest in Music at a very young age. Writing his fist tracks as young as 7. Back then he was producing on a dual cassette ghetto blaster. Finding innovative ways to bring keyboard sounds to the tape. As the years past he picked up every instrument he ever came across, now able to play over fifteen instruments to a high level. Artist! “Innovative, Energetic and a Kick in the Face.” - As an artist Witness to Change! has had his finger on the forefront of the global electro, urban and indie scene. Pushing boundaries for innovation and what can be achieved. His music has been compared to the greats; being mentioned in the same breath as Prince, David Bowie, The Prodigy and Timbaland, just some of his many influences. Live, he has graced the stage in blistering live sets around the country and brought the roof down on many a venue. Destroying everything that would possibly come within his path. He pursues it with his own style, presence and grace. Choosing not to take the path of similarity but instead to become an individual. Producer As a producer and songwriter Witness to Change has worked with many artists and produced countless tracks. Producing RnB, HipHop and Pop, but giving it a more unique edge, something that’s needed in an over saturated market of imitation. He has also brought his style to a lot of Remix work for other artists including Rihanna, Jay Z, Team Sleep, Lil Wayne, Nelly Furtardo, Usher, to name a few.