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Within Temptation

In Perfect Harmony (6:57)


  • Such a beautiful song! Though some say it sounds like a Disney song, I think it sounds a little Christmas-y. Maybe that's just because I'm anticipating Christmas coming up.
  • It´s pretty strange! we expect to ear loreena lyrics, so it sounds awkward... instrumentally very good.
  • Good song, though I would enjoy it a lot more if it weren't such a ripoff of Loreena McKennit's "The Lady of Shalott" (http://tinysong.com/9UGF).
  • Ta piosenka jest i perfekcyjna i harmonijna.... super!
  • Nice song but way repetitive.
  • And I agree with Evanesca666, this song reminds me a lot a Disney movie like sound (: Y totalmente de acuerdo con tu bonito comentario Jezabella_B.
  • Wow... how amazing, Sharon's vocal performance was more than perfect in this! <3
  • Time and again I'm amazed by the beauty of this song
  • Ahh amazing !
  • This song is very perfect. They should do something like this again
  • I have heard this somewhere, but I don't know where. It's like from a Disney-movie :)
  • Fantastic voice.
  • So beautiful just like Sharon!
  • Wonderful.
  • lovely
  • aparte de la letra que de por si evoca parajes de leyenda, naturaleza salvaje y frondosa del más bello y épico bosque...está la interpretación..para mi humilde gusto una de las más pulcras, nítidas, preciosa en los detalles, y donde se ve una voz de lo más trabajada y maravilosa de las que pululan en grupos similares..sin duda una de las mejores
  • Fantastic!
  • this song reminds me of the movie Pan's Labyrinth for some reason. Love them both
  • my favorite =))))))))
  • so peace so wonderful
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  • Beautiful :)
  • So peaceful... Amazing song... and Sharon's voice *w* Love it!
  • it makes me dreaming and singing :)
  • muy Buena
  • Beautyful song!
  • Así debe ser el sonido del universo
  • Piękne !!!
  • So wonderful
  • Excelente cancion que brinda tranquilidad al alma.
  • the voice of an angel.
  • I'm lovin' it =)
  • I used to skip this song, when I finally listened it now and I have to say it's fabulous and very peaceful. Nice work WT!
  • you can listen before you die
  • THIS is the song you wait for all day to just bug out and do nothing! Someone needs to do a "Chill Out" Mix CD and place this at the front of the disc
  • how I love this song!
  • pretty song
  • It took me a while to realize is actually NOT Loreena McKennitt - Lady of Shalott. The lead singer's voice and the tone/melody is EXACTLY the same.
  • I love this song >.<
  • Beautiful song! Calm, relaxing, and Sharon's voice is so soothing...
  • Awesome, magic, fantastic song and, of course, performance!
  • Love the song, but it really bothers me how Sharon says "human". She doesn't pronounce the "H". Sorry, I know it's nit picking but it sends a stab of annoyance through me everytime I hear her say "U-man". :(
  • I don't think you can get much better than this song and if you honestly can please tell me the artist and the title of the song
  • i find so much peace in this song. i love it. great vocals, instumentation and lyrics.
  • Perfect music...
  • sounds suspiciously like "The Lady of Shallot" by Lorenna Mckennitt.
  • a flying song...
  • lack of words to describe my feelings. Pure emotion. Pure Poetry!
  • So beautiful


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