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On distant, misty plains, echoes the sound of steel clanking on steel–the gallop of a thousand frenzied horses–the swollen beat of war drums. Scores of warriors bellow their anthems of victory, while others cry out in pain as their last breaths are viciously forced from their lungs. These are the sounds of Winterhymn.

What the followers of metal now call Winterhymn was once but a cosmic seed spawned from the minds of Ulfr and Draug. By way of the duo's guitar and vocal onslaught, Sieven's resounding war-drums, the haunting threnodies of Exura and Umbriel and the thunderous bass of Warg, these dreams were wrenched from the firmament and used to forge a weapon of limitless power-one which thirsts for the destruction of all who would blaspheme the metal name.

With the fantasy and escapism of power metal and brutal bludgeoning of modern death and black metal comes Winterhymn, a natural force intent on musical conquest. Raise your swords and cheer with us, or ready your knees and fall before us. The invasion has begun.

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