• Celebrating One Year of Song of The Day!

    25 Jan 2008, 03:20 by sablespecter

    I brought the concept of the Song of The Day into the internet age one year ago today, 24 Jan 2007 (local time), and I've loved every day of it.

    If you have been reading along, then thanks for reading and especially to everyone who has commented in! If you're new to SotD, please stay tuned as we move into year two!

    In the past year, we've had a SotD from all of the artists listed below (# of selections). With 365 selections up, I've only covered 5% of the sablespecter catalog, and it's growing by more than an average of a song per day, so we're not anywhere near being in danger of running out of songs!

    In fact, the nicely coincident timing of Last's big announcement means the collective available catalog is now quite a bit larger for all of us! It's almost cosmic timing - I wonder if this is their way of celebrating?

    Yeah, probably not, so to celebrate a successful year, I've decided that starting today, Song of The Day is now open to requests (don't all rush in at once LOL)!…
  • Song Of The Day - 19 Jul 2007: Free To Live

    19 Jul 2007, 23:41 by sablespecter

    Winterhawk / "Free To Live" / Revival (6) / ? 1982

    Artist: Winterhawk
    Original Album: Revival
    Track: Free to Live

    Late 70s underground rockers from Chicago that never had a real record deal, and whom I discovered only thanks to Monster Records.

    I have never heard the studio cut of this track, only having the live version from Monster's July 2004 issue There and Back Again, a recording of a show from 22 December 1978. But what a great song this is live...

    I believe Revival is available in limited quantities from some reissue labels.

    \m/ (*_*) \m/