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"Winteraxe was formed in mid 2006 hailing from the crust punk d.i.y. no gods no masters ethics. heavily influenced by amebix, axgrinder, antisect,hellbastards, deviated instinct, hellhammer, early bathory, venom and a shit load of diffrent variety of black metal and doom, wolfbird( from deadnoise and barren) with very little hope from working and experiencing with non dedicated people whom lacked passion for the art and the expression of music in past bands. joined forces with his brother moonseeker whom also seeked something real and new, began to play together and sailed to find diffrent ways to express themselves with their music. In time hawk ( ex member from deadnoise and medic) joined the blacken stench holocaust with vocals rehersing a few songs wolfbird and moonseeker have written. Winteraxe was in desperate need for a bass player so the music can feel more complete, so they asked their fellow comrade theory to shredd bass for them which he had the same influences and had alot of dedication and passion for his music as well, he agreed, and winteraxe was complete. devoloping a very apocolyptic dark stenchy sound. after a year of a couple of shows here and there, hard work, and very slow progress due to the fact that we dedicate ourselves to writing more music than playing any random show or gig finaly gaved and summon 6 songs of pure blacken stench metal crust, decided it was time for a demo. with lack of money and connects wolfbird decided to record the music himself and rely on no one else. it was the begining of winter 2007 winteraxe finally started recording and after 2 months we gave birth to the selftittled winteraxe demo 2008. during late may hawk left the band for reasons which the rest of the members thought was a shame and pathetic. but the battle will continue and what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, winteraxe will continue with wolfbird on vocals. demos will be re mixed with wolfbirds vocols so stay tune for that. HAIL TO THE BLACKEN STENCH METAL."

-From Wolfbird Himself.

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