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Wings of Scarlet were a 5-piece metal-hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA signed to Life Sentence Records. They formed when the majority of the members stayed together after the break-up involving a previous band: Shoot The Hostage. After years of tireless touring they disbanded in October 2005 after playing a final show with all of the original members.

Last known line-up:

Shawn Page - Vocals (Invoke the Flood)
Shawn Robbins - Guitar (A Shroud Cast Over)
Jamie Kerwin - Guitar (Amora Savant)
Scott Stallion (Scott Lashay) - Bass
Barry Jaeger - Drums (Viogression)
Black Ass Tim (Timothy Marshall) - Guitar (Veil of Maya (US))
December 24th 2005: Wings of Scarlet Announce Final Show
Scarlet have decided to call it quits and announced their final show. Here is their statement:

"It's been a nice 4 years as a band, most of it anyway. We're not gonna lie, we pretty much hate what's going on in hardcore and it's not fun anymore. We're sick of bands and bullshit people talking about markets and customers. It becomes more apparent by the day that we have nothing in common with most of the people who come out to shows now. It's increasingly frustrating that our style of music has come to represent the antithesis of everything we stand for."

"With that said, we are playing one final show. It will consist of the original line up (no offense to the great guys who have played with us the last year or so). Parker (who plays guitar in Undying now) will be flying back to play the show, along with the other founding guitarist Louie Pahl, Earl will be playing bass if he's not too drunk, Barry pretty much doesnt give a shit, and Shawn will be offending all. We just wanted to play one last show with our long time friends and their current bands."

"So many thanks and cheers to everyone who has had any part in anything weve tried to do. Dan Gump and Life Sentence for putting out the record. All our friends in Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, and beyond, we thank you, you are in our hearts. Everyone who has sent us emails -whether kind or threatening- this is your last chance to back up your words. Come on out and help us make this a disaster to remember."

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