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  • Avatar for taylorbroad
    If you like Willy Mason, you might like ambient lo-fi folk act The Noises We Make When No One Is Around. The debut ep is available on Bandcamp on September 29th but until then, you can listen via Soundcloud; Enjoy!
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  • Avatar for henriiquecrvg
    Manda muito bem mlk, atualmente é um dos meus preferidos.
  • Avatar for lukeyg
    New song "Restless Fugitive" on his website
  • Avatar for hjadkhasdfjsajf
  • Avatar for Aero26
    That song by Lianne brought me here. :)
  • Avatar for joelstinton
    not sure if people are aware of this he features in a song by lianne la havas.
  • Avatar for Wolf616
    Brilliant performance at The Glee Club in Oxford on Wednesday - highly recommend anyone who hasn't done so already to get tickets for his current tour, you won't regret it!
  • Avatar for Mente_Vibrante
    The right singer at the right time.
  • Avatar for RatBatSpider
    Isobel Campbell and Willy Mason stop by Amoeba Music Hollywood for an intimate Green Room Session. Check out their performance:
  • Avatar for sunnystream
    He has a voice of a folk veteran, and yet so young. Keep rocking Willy!
  • Avatar for birdgirl
    Was it a one man show, just Willy and the guitar? Or did he have other people playing with him? Oh I do wish I hadn't missed that.
  • Avatar for birdgirl
    @jessalove You're kidding! He was in York and I missed it, nnnnnnooooooo! I've been checking his myspace and didnt see any info on the 'UK tour', just his supporting gigs which all seemed too far away. Gutted!!!!!
  • Avatar for OFF_ka
    new EP is so beautiful, we love You Willy! please visit Europe!
  • Avatar for geekroick
    I've uploaded MP3s of Willy's performance in Hamburg last month if you'd like to take a listen:
  • Avatar for jessalove
    Saw Willy play last night in a small church in York. Incredible. A thoroughly nice guy as well :)
  • Avatar for GretePooh
    Hey, this guy is quite cool! Saw him as a support for Lanegen/Campbell gig in Hamburg. He looks like something between cowboy and teddy bear :). Cute. I like his new EP So Long Baby Shoes.
  • Avatar for manontheroof
    does anyone have spare tickets for sale for bristol tomorrow night? thanks.
  • Avatar for oechoo
    "If there's any chance some crazy fool would like to sell their ticket for London gig, I'd be more than willing to take them off your hands!" X2
  • Avatar for poormallard
    If there's any chance some crazy fool would like to sell their ticket for London gig, I'd be more than willing to take them off your hands!
  • Avatar for simple_epitaph
    Saw Willy on Monday at the Glee Club in Birmingham and was lucky enough to be on the front row for this special event. What a wonderful man.
  • Avatar for Honeymoon_Child
  • Avatar for TobySligo123
    Seeing him tonight. Will post my thoughts on my blog at the weekend
  • Avatar for colouxx
    Where the Humans Eat makes me supremely happy.
  • Avatar for nocturana
  • Avatar for gaz_nokiamusic
    Didn't get into "If The Ocean..." Still can't get passed the brilliance of "Where The Humans Eat"
  • Avatar for DONTSTOPgetit
    i would love to hang out in a cabin in the woods with this man, possibly for a very long time.
  • Avatar for brownb9
    ok he's touring!!!!!!! COME BACK TO THE UK!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for PhilAbernethy
    ALBUM PREVIEW: live session with luxury wafers in california now available for download HERE:
  • Avatar for changeable
    good music to study with. Good for other occasions too.
  • Avatar for dave203
    Legend! Any word on a new album? Been a while.
  • Avatar for meliss44
    <3 HEART.
  • Avatar for changeable
    где их скачать?!
  • Avatar for punch_4F
    his voice doesn't fit his face =S
  • Avatar for Connarhea
    Anyone know what he's up to nowadays? [2]
  • Avatar for UserNameMissing
    Anyone know what he's up to nowadays? I wouldn't mind a new album :)
  • Avatar for guyswherearewe
    saw him tonight with A.A. Bondy and bought his CD!! so good.
  • Avatar for Gemarinie
    hes fitt
  • Avatar for sleepstodream
    So I was listening to my radio when a really lovely song came on that I had never heard, so I clicked the tab to see who it was (you, of course) and when I did, I also saw that we have the same exact birthday :) You probably don't even look at this, but I figured it was only appropriate to say hello to a fellow November 21st, 1984-er
  • Avatar for ta-det-lugnt
    Review of last night's amazing show at St. Giles Church (London) here:
  • Avatar for PhilAbernethy
    If anyone has or knows of somewhere to get the KCRW live session where he did his cover of "The Message" i'd really appreciate if you let me know
  • Avatar for geekroick
    a new 5 track EP for free download:
  • Avatar for L0di
    Love him.
  • Avatar for jontyforrester
    Come back from the dead, Willy.
  • Avatar for brownb9
    shirshack please say your being real you know when itl be litteraly do anything for more willy mason!!!
  • Avatar for MoniqueWilliams
    beautifully crafted magic. Love his voice, really sexy! : )
  • Avatar for CocoaDusted
    He's really quite good, isn't he?
  • Avatar for shirshack
    I just got my hands on the newest from Willy cause I've got close connections. Its called the 'Poughkeepsie Demo'. It appears to be burnt by Willy, as it is in a burnt CD case with a simple picture glued on the front, Has the name of the demo, 'April 10 2009' and his signature on the blank CD, which is a Philips CD-R. It has 5 tracks. 1. A new recording of Hard Hand to Hold 2. Appears to be a new song. 3. Also new I think 4. New 5. New. All records are by Willy by himself and have more of a Where The Humans Eat feel than If The Ocean Gets Rough. I have pictures if anyone is interested but I would prefer not to spread the mp3's themselves.
  • Avatar for user_invalid
    Any news on a new album? I need more Willy (so to speak!)
  • Avatar for petrnotail
    summer + fall 2005: where the humans eat was the soundtrack


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