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Saturday 16 July 2011
Myth And Lore of the Apocalypse : Apocalyptic Art and Heavy, Heavy Music
Mitochondrion, Willing Feet, Ahna, No Eulogy, Night Mother, CETASCEANConcert
The ANZA Club
Vancouver, Canada
49.263871 -123.105049

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Sunday 17 July 2011
Willing Feet
CETASCEAN, Sturmgewehr, AsahanaConcert
The Korova
San Antonio TX, United States
29.429386 -98.492984
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Friday 5 August 2011
Arsonfest 2011
CETASCEAN, Titan, WAKE, Bloody Phoenix, Archagathus, Enabler, Mares of Thrace, PutrescenceFestival
The Death Trap
Winnipeg, Canada
49.897584 -97.140196

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