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  • Avatar for realcyndre
    Iron Man!
  • Avatar for Moonlight__Dawn
    Damn it Jim! This music is far out good!
  • Avatar for Keolia
    Ponder the Mystery... Is actually legit good. Wow!
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    A Transformed Man is one of the greatest achievements in pop history.
  • Avatar for BrianDorn
    Has Been is one of my favorite albums of all time.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
  • Avatar for MistahJohnson
    He makes being old seem less shitty.
  • Avatar for Lennart111
    Ben Folds (man that understands Music) + Shatner (man with intense speech) = Genius "Has Been"! Sad that he never made real Music after that again...
  • Avatar for afromme
    I was really looking forward to a new album from Shatner, as I have a sweet spot for "Has been". But listening to "Ponder the mystery", I can't help being utterly disappointed.
  • Avatar for Washtali
    Much love and respect
  • Avatar for sbsgloria
    "Has been" is super. Never heard anything like this before in spoken-words.
  • Avatar for deadgrandma
    Seeking Major Tom > Lulu [3]
  • Avatar for Peteblueeyes
    "Has Been" would definitely be on my Top 5 Albums list for the island from which you'll never return!
  • Avatar for satchalicious
    I totally love "Seeking Major Tom" -- are his other albums similar to this?
  • Avatar for WLDB
    Met him and got a pick with him last week. So awesome.
  • Avatar for fuckam
  • Avatar for Wippersnapper
    By guesting on Seeking Major Tom.
  • Avatar for immortalizepain
    How did Nick Valensi of The Strokes become similar to William Shatner?
  • Avatar for Splankdigit
    All hail Shatner
  • Avatar for IgorCampinas
    Seeking Major Tom > Lulu [2] AHAHAHAHAHA
  • Avatar for Force_of_Will
    no u
  • Avatar for RatBatSpider
    Check out William Shatner discussing the music of words, sketching out Major Tom’s story arc & the philosophy of saying yes to life in his interview with an Amoeba Music Staff member!
  • Avatar for ClayAunkst
    I really thought this was just a band called William Shatner.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    Mr. Tambourine Man is a flawless masterpiece
  • Avatar for Beucha
    Seeking Major Tom > Lulu
  • Avatar for jarizappa
    Great new album, such a shame all artist tags in Spotify are wrong [2]
  • Avatar for meltmaster
    emusic had weird tags. IT'S ALL SHATNER. It's like a Sinatra album. Who cares who wrote the song?
  • Avatar for ashflower
  • Avatar for woordenaar
    Great new album, such a shame all artist tags in Spotify are wrong :-/
  • Avatar for SmicTaguer
    He sounds like Mermaid Man.
  • Avatar for Chumsicles
    I really really hate how he let Brad Paisley sing the last verse of Space Cowboy
  • Avatar for ashflower
    Bohemian Rhapsody must become number one most listened track. I AM ON A MISSION.
  • Avatar for Beucha
    Scaramush! Scaramush! Would you do the fandango? Captain Shatner is kicking asses with his new album. I'm loving it!
  • Avatar for SerialJoker
    A great Whale of a time, Major Shatner!
  • Avatar for scarredforlyfe
  • Avatar for OneWhiteDuck
    New album is fucking incredible [2]. COME ON!!! COME ON?!! Come on let's go space truckin......also, the Hawkwind cover is impeccably fantastic. A+
  • Avatar for NietzcheGuevara
    new album is fucking incredible. COME ON!!! COME ON?!! Come on let's go space truckin! great to hear the pinch harmonic rendition of iron man, and the song with bootsy completes it.
  • Avatar for nineteen11
    Awwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah. Pre-ordered Seeking Major Tom over a month ago. It's go time!
  • Avatar for VonHugenstyn
  • Avatar for Shagadelicious
    It hasn't happened yet.
  • Avatar for mattfca
    Iron Man... my ears are bleeding
  • Avatar for Zucni
    When is Searching for Major Tom comming out? Have any singles been released yet?
  • Avatar for Starvingtourist
    It was a very goood year for city girls that lived up the stairs..
  • Avatar for nineteen11
    I can't wait for "Searching for Major Tom" to be released.
  • Avatar for yakkowarner
  • Avatar for love_dokkyun
    "...smack my lips over little praises written about me?" I can't believe I just heard that....
  • Avatar for love_dokkyun
    The Prime Minister of Canada! In our hearts at least.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    best shit ever
  • Avatar for CCSandman
    Loose lips sink ships.
  • Avatar for Joyful_Blue
    Has Been truly is amazing but Common People is definitely not one of the better tracks.


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