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  1. Fabian Nesti is an italo disco singer who made only one song - "Heigh Ho", but that song worth much more than only one song. In its classical italo…

  2. Riky Maltese is an Italo Disco artist-alias. The project was produced and arranged by Maiolini, Farina, and Crivellente.
    Riky Maltese released the…

  3. Joe Maran is an Italo Disco act.
    Producers were G. Bertolasi and R. Piazzalunga.
    Singles: "Give Me A Break".

  4. Hot Cold are Antonella Pepe and Ivana Spagna.
    Singles: 'Love Is Like A Game' (1985) and 'I Can Hear Your Voice' (1986).

  5. Mike Cannon is an italo disco alias for producer and singer Giorgio Spagna.
    Mike recorded the singles «Voices In The Dark», «Stay» and «Goin Crazy».

  6. Green Ice is a Spanish Italo Disco act, produced by Raúl Orellana, Felix B. Mangione, E. Rodriguez, Joaquin Quer and R. Berengueras.
    Green Ice…

  7. Torrevado is an Italo Disco band consisting of Niki Pitti (Vocals) Maurizio Suraci (Bass Guitar) Marco Scopazzi (Lead Guitar) Claudio Giorgi…

  8. Solid Strangers is an Italo Disco band from Germany, that was produced by Kalle Trapp and Rolf Köhler .
    These guys released the singles "Gimme The…

  9. Alan Cook is an italo disco alias for Spanish vocalist Xavier Carbó.
    Musical Team: Miguel Dega and Ricardo Gomez .
    Label: Max Music

    Alan Cook…

  10. Alan Barry is an Italo disco alias-act that was produced by Mauro Farina, G. Crivellente and Severo Lombardoni.
    Alan Barry recorded several singles…

  11. Squash Gang is an Italo Disco project from Sabadell (Spain). It consisted of Francisco Quijada, José Quijada, and Cristina Manzano.
    This project…

  12. Duke Lake is an Italo Disco alias for Italian producer Antonello Gabelli.
    Gabelli recorded the singles «Do You», «Dance Tonight» and «Satisfaction,…

  13. Mike Rogers is Marco Zani
    Lino Nicolosi produced the singles «Just A Story» and «Happy Moon».

  14. Wish Key is an Italo Disco band fronted by producer Massimo Berti.
    Wish Key recorded hits such as "Life", "Orient Express", "Last Summer" or…


    Real Name: Thomas Beecher

    Tom Hooker was one of the leading Italo Disco performer and producer. His work for Baby Records is sealed…

  16. Cliff Turner is an italo disco alias for Rainer Herzmann.
    Cliff Turner released the hits "Moonlight Affair", "Burning Love", "I Need Your Love" and…

  17. Body Power are Paul Bizz and Mark Taylor.
    They recorded the hits "Dancing In The Tears", "Nothing", "It's A Life", and Everybody Physical"

  18. Paul Sharada is an Italo Disco artist.
    His real name is Lamott Atkins.
    Paul Sharada released the singles "Boxers", "Dancing All Night", "Keep Your…

  19. Funny Twins is an Italo disco act, that was arranged by Pieradis Rossini, Jeffrey Aleans and Johnny Fox
    They recorded the hit "You And Me".


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