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William Basinski

92982.4 (19:54)


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  • SOS sound of solitude
  • My fav of his loops atm.
  • oooo.ooo . o . o oo . o .o o .o o ooo o o o. o o o --------------------------------------------------
  • yes
  • Suffocatingly sad.
  • Introspection
  • V lol noob
  • Jeezus, this song is long... And I sat here and listened through the whole thing.
  • this would have fit in well on the motion picture "melancholia".
  • im at peace.
  • this would have fit in well on "melancholia".
  • how long does it take to stay in limbo?
  • ебанный пиздец
  • strangely self-conscious for an atmospheric, but I'm asleep so xo
  • This is amazingly one of the best pieces I've ever heard.
  • Super love
  • after awhile you start to zone out listening to this.
  • Infinity trapped in 19+ minutes. A truly beautiful song.
  • love
  • nice nothing
  • Basinski steht einfach auf diese monolithischen Tracks - was sie nicht unbedingt besser macht für mich. Aber der hier geht klar für mich.
  • Curious little loop, but the whole track is a bit monotonous: whereas 92982.2 feels like a journey, this one feels like limbo.
  • reduced to the max.
  • I love you
  • Stimulating, surfacing suppressed sentiments.
  • love this
  • fawesome
  • daMn the feeling is fucking awesome
  • <3
  • His Piano Loops Always Sound Like a Heart When It Starts Missing a Beat. True Love.

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