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  • Avatar for MyMusicMyDivas
    Well, If You Like to Spend Time on Instagram Please Follow Me !! 😇 Loves & Kisses!
  • Avatar for thunder__
    Jealousy <33 I want Echoes 2.0 [2]
  • Avatar for Berrie
    I literally love all of his albums, although 85% took a while.
  • Avatar for _golden_boy_
    I want Echoes 2.0
  • Avatar for liyoh
    Electropop only Echoes, his music is usually very mellow. Only a few tracks here and there
  • Avatar for Tahula
    Asking to all his fans: Does any of his albums before Echoes sound electropop or electropop-ish? If so, which one(s)?
  • Avatar for Kuula
    LOL, yeah, what's up with those fake armpits? Give me hairy armpits Will any day of the week :D
  • Avatar for luzzz333
    85% Proof Deluxe is fantastic, why the best songs are only on the deluxe is a mystery
  • Avatar for Whip-Smart
    haha good spot GunsAndHorses93!
  • Avatar for GunsAndHorses93
    lol the current top picture has his armpit hair edited out.
  • Avatar for Whip-Smart
    Echoes and 85% Proof are both really good, great to see how he has developed as an artists.
  • Avatar for _golden_boy_
    85% Proof not so good as Echoes ((
  • Avatar for misco
    I really like 85% Proof but... I feel like Will has been sad for like ten fucking years.
  • Avatar for kinguii
    Echoes still his best album
  • Avatar for John-Ackles
    85% Proof is awesome. ❤
  • Avatar for luan_gardel
    Like a river best song ever
  • Avatar for ramce7878
    Good album , as always relaxing .
  • Avatar for mvn0
    Nice album, thank you!
  • Avatar for mr_sadness
    85% Proof ❤
  • Avatar for _golden_boy_
    "Like a river"`s album style is what I need
  • Avatar for HenryBadaroh
    After "Love Revolution" I had all hopes up, but "Like a River" told me not to. Same things from the past. Boring...
  • Avatar for Kuula
    Like A River is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G [2] For real. Love Revolution was a complete let down for me. Like a River is better in every aspect and the video is perfect. This is the Will Young I love <3
  • Avatar for zanelamour
    Like A River is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  • Avatar for vitaminoid
    New pic from "Love Revolution" :)
  • Avatar for mvn0
    Love Revolution Well, it's good, but not the way i expected.
  • Avatar for Rodrigues_Fiu
    New pic, by 85% Proof // png
  • Avatar for _golden_boy_
    New album will be in 2015!!
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    His cover of 'Teardrops' is solid.
  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    Will Young > Sam Smith, just saying. I like Will's understated approach.
  • Avatar for JTLDN
    wow loads of historic scrobbles, but no one listens to this guy anymore. guess that's what happens to pop idol/x factor winners
  • Avatar for RomkaJonas
    Echoes ♥
  • Avatar for JDonn
    New music please ♥
  • Avatar for luan_gardel
    jealousy >>
  • Avatar for newjillswing
    He's really underrated.
  • Avatar for mahspears
    A real talent.
  • Avatar for wattapity
    cant believe changes is not on top tracks
  • Avatar for tetomusicmag
    SIMILAR ARTIST: Check out Freddie Fiction's first single - a heartfelt acoustic ballad called 'I Don't Dream' -
  • Avatar for Yozoh_9
    Time For new album!
  • Avatar for MakeSomeFUN
    Echoes is great but it was in 2011. Where is new material? [5]
  • Avatar for TomasJohn
    Echoes is great but it was in 2011. Where is new material? [4]
  • Avatar for FrankyRey
    Oh look it's Morriss- wait what?
  • Avatar for fernandopiress
    I need an Echoes 2.1 immediately!
  • Avatar for juno_ro
    Echoes is great but it was in 2011. Where is new material? [3]
  • Avatar for EricValeev
    Grace ♥
  • Avatar for MyMusicMyDivas
    Echoes is great but it was in 2011. Where is new material? [2]
  • Avatar for _golden_boy_
    Echoes is great but it was in 2011. Where is new material?
  • Avatar for david_pel
    Echoes ♥
  • Avatar for ewiby
    Our hearts are on fire.
  • Avatar for PhoenixBloom
    Someone tell him to sing a song with Anastacia, I've been waiting years for that to happen, it would be perfection!!


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