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There are at least 3 artists with the name "Widows":

1. Widows were a late 70's/early 80s Finnish punk band. In 1979 they released their Wall of Berlin 7" and the next year in 1980 their LP called "Fun?" - both on Poko records.

2. Widows are a stoner rock band from Nottingham, UK. Influenced by the likes of Down, Kyuss, and Clutch they've been gathering pace and adding weight to their live sets with new songs and an ever more solid wall of sound as they prepare to release their debut full-length "Death Valley Duchess".

3. Widows are a 6-piece epic eath rattle 'Gothabilly' sideshow band born from the doomed cracks of Ye-Olde London Towne. Thrust together amongst the stale smog & unrelenting generic music scene, Widows have truly become an exciting & mesmeric tour de force. Their sound is a celebratory tango of mysterious melodies, twisted textures & fetishistic flights of fancy. Songs of Love, Demonic Possession, Non-Conformity & Religious fever, their live experience is an experience rarely found in today's sterile musical climate. Bringing you the best choice cuts & grooves from The Devils very own jukebox, once witnessed of this ever evolving spectacle, forever changed you shall remain. Come join the mighty Widows bazaar, & let loose your sins in some kind of demented musical frenzy.

4. Widows are a rap group from Los Angeles. Members are: Jams. F. Kennedy and Bobby Evans. They used to be called called Brother Reade. One DJ and one MC, the regular rap group dynamics. This rap group had an insane debut record that even Pitchfork liked (they gave said album, “Rap Music” a 7.4). The same group supported Wu-Tang and The Clipse, yet grew up performing with No Age and Mika Miko at The Smell. This rap group share a practice space in Downtown LA with Warpaint (but never got signed to Rough Trade). They appeared in their friends’ videos (like Neon Neon) and their first video was directed by RJ Shaughnessy. These guys founded (arguably) the first ever dubstep night in LA called Moon Dog – granted, it was at a former transvestite strip club in east LA. These are the same guys who played live rap shows with just / only / solely two drum kits and a couple of microphones.

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