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  • Avatar for Whitechapel2
    Failed to be appreciated!
  • Avatar for BASStard1983
    i want to see them live again!!!!
  • Avatar for If_I_Fall_DOWN
    Holy shit this song slays
  • Avatar for tourental
    that growl o__O
  • Avatar for PotActivist
    girls that listen to this music make me wet.... anyone??
  • Avatar for BASStard1983
    the growls are too mighty! especially 1:24 to 1:32 min. is awesome! love it!!!
  • Avatar for Shannuhxo
    Oh god, that long growl makes me wetttt.
  • Avatar for jaedwards2
    :53 wowsers.
  • Avatar for PerrySS
    their best song!
  • Avatar for BleedTheMartyr
    Scene kids have ruined Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, and BMTH, please don't ruin Whitechapel.
  • Avatar for Dimthorn
    Awesome band!
  • Avatar for BurnTheBot
    I can fap to this!!!
  • Avatar for blessthejosh
    Saw them at warped, fucking sickkkkk
  • Avatar for demi_t
    nice title
  • Avatar for MartinZombie
  • Avatar for PoisonOath
    this is a band I hope never changes, sound or line-up, their perfect the way they are, live is so much better too. toight
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    whitechapel >> tdwp
  • Avatar for LambOfDrew
  • Avatar for spasticsarah
    @treykiss you're wearing a BMTH shirt, and you like TDWP? How has the universe not exploded.
  • Avatar for deserkins
    i have a borner
  • Avatar for beebopboobop
  • Avatar for person2456
    Whitechapel rules. And usualy i hate deathcore. And all of you newidiots on hear seriosly need to stop! Get the fuck out
  • Avatar for The_Owl_King
    i love tdwp but they look like a bunch of little girls when compared to Whitechapel and thats not a pun lol
  • Avatar for chasetheace13
    treykiss go listen to your faggoty alesana and pussy shit like that. Come back when you know how to respect true brutality.
  • Avatar for demi_t
    makes me wanna fuck shit up. ahh (:
  • Avatar for cesartucarne
  • Avatar for axelandraa
    lol @ treykiss with his and/or her hot topic bmth shirt and his/her love for tdwp. gtfo forever.
  • Avatar for WeAreTheDisease
    tdwp are weak
  • Avatar for ieyasusan
    how can u compare those two bands, whitechapel is way better
  • Avatar for ThrowDiamonds
    agreed. DWP sucks hard. Whitechapel is fucking br00tal.
  • Avatar for JonTripler
    treykiss tdwp is no where close to deathcore where do they come into play? fukc that band lol
  • Avatar for MosherPit
    \m/ -.- \m/
  • Avatar for Christian420
    Fucking brutal.
  • Avatar for yeedee35
    i agree with you trekiss. DWP is pretty beast
  • Avatar for treykiss
    The devil wears prada be the best nagger.
  • Avatar for wetthesteel
    Whitechapel is the best fucking band in the world!
  • Avatar for thrashdeth
    br00t41 \m/
  • Avatar for xbackburn3rx
    they'd be better if they dropped the third guitarist...i mean seriously.....they dont need a third guitarist....all he does it play with the bass. POINTLESS
  • Avatar for robo042
    I approve.
  • Avatar for samm_92
    fucking rights =]
  • Avatar for Canadian_kid18
    this is the shiit!!!!!!
  • Avatar for ihavetits
    this song is beast!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for feador86
    а хуле...... епть
  • Avatar for heyimtroy
    saw them at white rabbit sa tx W/ acacia & protest bout to go to the red7 show here this weekend devirgination studies must be played!
  • Avatar for DessiDiSASTER
    oh my, love ittt o:
  • Avatar for JessiePoo123
    Sexy shiit. :)
  • Avatar for DethDefyer
    cant wait to these guys at jaxx
  • Avatar for zgubidan
    squweee, squweee squwoooooooooo!!!!!
  • Avatar for sarintears
    Carnifex is a mallgoth band.
  • Avatar for mullenmetal
    good but carnifex are better :P


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