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  • Avatar for vonNachtmahr
    Reminds me always on my tonsillectomy. The song was played at night in radio and i couldn't sleep because my throat hurts so much. I even needed some years to find out what song it was that they played. ;-)
  • Avatar for Soroll88
    One of the '90s symbols...very beautiful
  • Avatar for Eurydochine
    I love this song and its video so much!!
  • Avatar for Eurydochine
    I think everyone should just research what the meaning of the song is about before they say it should be sang by a woman [2]
  • Avatar for sundayborn13
  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
    This song should be sang by Ted Kennedy, it's a shame he's DEAD.
  • Avatar for g0thicnightmare
    I think everyone should just research what the meaning of the song is about before they say it should be sang by a woman
  • Avatar for sjel_Nosferatu
  • Avatar for Tommy_Eat_World
    good song,but really would make more sense if a woman sang this song
  • Avatar for anoukpopje
    oh, I just loved this song when it came out. and i still do!!
  • Avatar for Hoetzendorf
    All new is well forgotten old - [track artist=Al Bowlly]My Woman[/track]
  • Avatar for Abs-in-The
    чет прям качает)
  • Avatar for Footshac
    this is fuking big
  • Avatar for Lusika_z
  • Avatar for JewelsL85
  • Avatar for helloamythyst
    holy crap the memories
  • Avatar for Huffstuff420
    I could never be your stormtrooper
  • Avatar for Nochek
    sample from Lew Stone and the Monseigneur Band - My Woman.
  • Avatar for T-T-T-TokyoBoy
    @GrantMcbriar - the song is being sung from the perspective of a woman who has been cheated on. But it's sung by a bloke...
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
  • Avatar for RiaLake
    Would make more sense if a woman sang this song.
  • Avatar for Ureksa
    Crazy what he managed back then.
  • Avatar for SpaceBoxRadio
    Huh.. it's been so long since I last heard this song on the radio. I could have sworn it was a woman singing this, and it wasn't so much electronica, it was something else. But that sample is unmistakable. Nostalgia is such an odd beast.
  • Avatar for kathizita
    greeeat greeeat greaat :)
  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
  • Avatar for MC_canticle
    the tune, the lyrics, pretty much everything is perfect in this song. it's universal, catchy, chilling, makes me feel good :) and helps to get rid of crap memories about some idiots i used to hang around with in the past. ''Well I guess what they say is true I could never spend my life with a man like you'' ;)) Thx for this song, Jyoti Mishra ;))
  • Avatar for hanif-class
    Great track - indie by an Indian :o)
  • Avatar for Tallyra
    This was a really amazing track when it came out - no-one could believe it was made by one person in his home studio. Brilliant production for the technology of the time.
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    awful remix
  • Avatar for bsbo
  • Avatar for tolgoa
    these vocals synthesised to make him sound female ??
  • Avatar for DefenceMan
    one of the best song ever !
  • Avatar for zero_flag
    first time a heared it in middle '90s, when was a little kid. it stucked in my heart deeply then... ♥
  • Avatar for RoomForSymmetry
    Still great after all this years. So chill and funky at the same time
  • Avatar for corky64
    Still a great track....<3
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    play this version from now on.
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    I hear now how this became a standout. Wicked.
  • Avatar for BrandNewThrice2
    fking love this song
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    classic! this is cool!
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song. A certain Finnish group called Cats on Fire has made a cover of this, check it out, it's really good!
  • Avatar for Jenny_Babydoll
    Really great !)))
  • Avatar for smartfemme
    I remember playing this song from a cassette, with other very cool hits of the 90's. It came back to me and I f*cking love it!
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    hate this remix version. they should just stick to the original.
  • Avatar for kespimp
    takes me straight back to middle school holllerrrr
  • Avatar for DefenceMan
    one of tha best tracks in all music story . ;)
  • Avatar for Tanru
    this is still the shit [4]
  • Avatar for SKGibb
    this is still the shit (3)
  • Avatar for aady
    Very nice!
  • Avatar for draggedup
    So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways.
  • Avatar for mak3m3u9
    I'll never be your woman I LOVE IT!


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