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  • Avatar for VinciZeff
    This is a track from 'Haydé', called 'Nothing Is For Ever'.
  • Avatar for saera_
    That is most definitely not Harry Mcveigh singing....
  • Avatar for arteris
    2) White Lies was a one piece band consisting of Haydé Walraet from Belgium. Currently known as Haydé.
  • Avatar for jachu1991
    very nice maybe other group white lies?
  • Avatar for alkattrazz
    what the fuck????
  • Avatar for Hellashen
    Здоровская песенка :)
  • Avatar for Smithslover1
    thought its not white lies....theyre men!
  • Avatar for merrari
    I wish this track was on their album "To Lose My Life" (which I actually bought)! Izzz gooood, izzz gooood.
  • Avatar for Lukadg
    thanks!! NOTTT
  • Avatar for sizeka_yang
    Tuh uda di kasi tau... ini lagunya si Haydé bukan White Lies... Nama album nya tuh 'White Lies Demo' toh... Kok ya pada marah-marah amat yak
  • Avatar for kaozito99
    kien fue ese personaje q se kiere promocionar de la manera mas chota
  • Avatar for BiaMotherliker
    Oh, you b----, you fooled us all.
  • Avatar for Milk_Cookies
    weird, i've had downloaded this track for free from and there it told it was from white lies, but apparently not..
  • Avatar for zapalka07
  • Avatar for sietegatosrojos
    This is a track from [artist]Haydé[/artist], called [track artist=Haydé]Nothing Is For Ever[/track]
  • Avatar for Virtualistener
    Okay, we all know now, that this isn't the White Lies, but who is it really?
  • Avatar for robotechdiesel
    It's not terrible, in fact, the deep voice of the singer resembles the same style that White Lies uses, but this miss matching crap needs to stop.
  • Avatar for loovesongs
    esto no es white lies. y hay varios temas con esa mina country cantando. por dios QUE VERGUENZA quiten esas canciones de la sesión WHITE LIES
  • Avatar for oblodelbagno
    it's a fake!!!!!!!!!!! remove it!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for XxnuzhatxX
    the white lies are amazing ... but this is definitely not them ! :))
  • Avatar for dirtysandchezz
    it's nice but not white lies.. wtf?
  • Avatar for Crowdsuppe
    ich glaub auch,dass das nicht die white lies sind,aber es hört sich trotzdem sehr gut an :)
  • Avatar for plutoTheExile23
    i think i am the first person to notice or say that i dont think this is white lies!
  • Avatar for waalkz
    very cool
  • Avatar for ShaniaEve
  • Avatar for oblodelbagno
    it's a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remove it!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for komornik89
    это ошибка!
  • Avatar for UnicornPlushie
    This isn't what I expected, but I'm pleasantly surprised. c:
  • Avatar for unVolt
  • Avatar for xmarynka
  • Avatar for Outsiderlad
    This is not White Lies!...but sounds good....they did this on purpose xDDD
  • Avatar for dailyfcuk
    lolz......i thought his voice was a bit weird
  • Avatar for bahnsteig_4
    something is VERY obviously VERY wrong with this track. ;)
  • Avatar for sydney325
    Isn't this artist now called Haydé?
  • Avatar for Richi3
    Feeling depressed.. Oh no wait, now i don't know how to feel.
  • Avatar for mortigitempo10
    There's two White Lies...I'm so confused.
  • Avatar for Tommy101
    how many people did not want to hear this track?
  • Avatar for Indieooo
    I think it's very nice
  • Avatar for pleifoc
  • Avatar for paulsifer42
    Love her voice
  • Avatar for hiyerjayne
    HOW IS THIS WHITE LIES? new female singer? :S.
  • Avatar for dannyb87
    never heard a track with so much reverb on it before. makes it sound like its actually in my head. is this a real song or have i gone insane. aaaaaggh!!!
  • Avatar for happy_archer
  • Avatar for filo_fobia
    It sounds a little bit far but it's cute :)
  • Avatar for ImNotLSD
    ha ha ha. this song isn't bad by the way.
  • Avatar for kitty-cut
  • Avatar for izzydillon
  • Avatar for jothehorse
  • Avatar for SweetDecember
    there are several bands called white lies.. "2. A Belgian indie/cover musician active since 2006"
  • Avatar for Komomaan
    I don't know how but I'm gonna found out and some of what I find is gonna stick to your ass.


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