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  • Avatar for whatsthallabout
    my favourite of the lies
  • Avatar for danibose
  • Avatar for drewmotor
    Love this one...long live the new romantics!
  • Avatar for Jev42
  • Avatar for siztOmon
    this song sounds very Joy Divisiony... in a good way :)
  • Avatar for MsFranx66
    The whole album is awesome...and those vocals!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for new material!
  • Avatar for Saranella
    I <3 White Lies
  • Avatar for orsonkidd
    I like it. kinda Echo and the Bunny men ish/ with some J. division mixed in....lots of "sounds like" but still kinda it's own thing....although the U2 vibe is sorta lame meh.
  • Avatar for CorrineTurke
    come to dcccccc
  • Avatar for alanok
    love his voice.. powerful. you can't deny!
  • Avatar for timvanderburg
    Sounds too much like U2's With Or Without You...
  • Avatar for XxKrovikxX
    this is real music
  • Avatar for HaraldJoe
    To me they sound so much like the Killers, especially this song.
  • Avatar for hank_scorpio
    and i can see it on the TV, there's an air attaaaaaaaaaaaaack <3
  • Avatar for sin_11
    white lies.... incredible!!!!!
  • Avatar for OliverTho
  • Avatar for candi_is_dandi
    i adore this damn band. like, seriously.
  • Avatar for DorkiDorri
  • Avatar for oisin26
    Where can i hear this?
  • Avatar for krk007
    this song is incredible.
  • Avatar for legghiu
    'and if i made a promise could i stay by your side'
  • Avatar for Arctic-Avenger
    Makes me crank the volume up to eleven
  • Avatar for Valquirk
    great amazing¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
  • Avatar for kentkoren
    these guys are wise beyond their years....hear some Joy Division in there, but they're amazing!
  • Avatar for non-shatter
    Fantastic tune, that retro sounding chorus is simply sublime.....
  • Avatar for Dom_ws
  • Avatar for Mkavanagh77
    Place to Hide and Death are amazing best band I've heard for ages.
  • Avatar for Lubek322
    odjazd ! to mi sie podoba ;]
  • Avatar for marshamellowy
    love them
  • Avatar for ultramilk
    the great band for new comer..
  • Avatar for ashkaa
    great ;]
  • Avatar for Sun_spot
    I am absolutely in love with this album!
  • Avatar for Nicolaas1973
    Just bought their new album, love them and their 80's New Wave sound!
  • Avatar for luuk95
  • Avatar for vinylRichie27
    Just saw these guys at Bowery Ballroom. Kick-ass!
  • Avatar for anoley
    great lyrics as in most of their songs...
  • Avatar for puga10
    muy buenos molan
  • Avatar for robertfjr
  • Avatar for mortenmedaa
    e x t r e e m l y nice band...!!!
  • Avatar for LadyofOchrasy
    nice band
  • Avatar for K-e-l-l-i-e
    best song on the album :)
  • Avatar for heartquakexx
    with a tear in my eye, and all the hope in my heart.
  • Avatar for hajnibellamy
    love it!!!!
  • Avatar for andy_barron
    could i stay by your side,could you guarantee my safety ......
  • Avatar for mahdlo
    can't wait to see these at The Academy next Saturday ;))
  • Avatar for Mr_ZEE
    Yeah, the beginning is very similar to when anger shows by Editors
  • Avatar for LuisMerino
    Really similar to Editors to me in this one. Like it, of course.
  • Avatar for jontyforrester
    Ahh shit, the album version isn't as good as the live one. It's too slow.
  • Avatar for rkoene
    Okay I agree with you ;) It's good.
  • Avatar for jontyforrester
    I want to share the love!


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