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  • Avatar for karssss
    Bess St. is fantastic. And not at least because of Josh Block's splendid, unexpectabel, kick ass drums
  • Avatar for Jaffa_Cake
    new album is that bomb shit
  • Avatar for indy02
    New album coming, get HYPE
  • Avatar for Stefanszz
    Street Joy is just fantastic!
  • Avatar for Lardlad
    Everyone should check out James Petralli's new solo project, Bop English. His first album was released in April and it is every bit as awesome as White Denim.
  • Avatar for jo_jc
    last track on album Corsica Lemonade, A Place to Start, is really smooth man..i need to find out more about this band
  • Avatar for JordanNeo
    White Denim blew me away with their amazing show at The Horseshoe in Toronto. I took pics and wrote words: The Districts were killer openers:
  • Avatar for David_CZ
    Corsicana Lemonadeee <333
  • Avatar for Jaffa_Cake
    I had a ticket booked to their uk tour since last year. kept tabs on the date and then on the day of the gig FUCKING FORGOT ABOUT IT. Never more gutted not to see a band.
  • Avatar for ABlueRogue
    They killed it at Bonnaroo this year.
  • Avatar for BM128
    Just finished the gig in Newcastle and they were absolutely brilliant!
  • Avatar for carnyx1
    Absolutely stunning gig in Edinburgh last night, despite the sound cutting out resulting in them playing basically unplugged for a song or two, they were incredible. Played for 2 hours!
  • Avatar for BlisteringDDj
    The best modern and 70's-inspired rock'n'roll I've heard yet.
  • Avatar for LostUnknown
    Check to discover more awesome rock bands nowadays! Thanks!
  • Avatar for denniseckersley
    Agree with ericolson89, one of the best live shows I've ever been to.
  • Avatar for Fred1102
    Best band ever
  • Avatar for ericolson89
    One of the, if not the best, live acts out there right now. I was at the Melbourne show too!
  • Avatar for Frequensalad
    Just saw these guys play in Melbourne,Australia and oh my god - up there with the best live gigs i've ever seen. Probably top 5
  • Avatar for KuriousBanana
    I've been recommending Corsicana Lemonade to anyone who will listen... and anyone who won't.
  • Avatar for levitate85
    White Denim announce Liverpool show for May 2014:
  • Avatar for TheArtistBox
    If you like this you may be interested in [artist]Kakuzi[/artist]
  • Avatar for indy02
    Pumped to see them again in January. Fast becoming a favorite
  • Avatar for dehumpn
    new album got some space age chillin grooves
  • Avatar for Fullmettall
    Corsicana Lemonade
  • Avatar for Snooz
    Woah, new album, first song!
  • Avatar for kcwyckoff
    i think the new album is phenomenal
  • Avatar for jaffadan
    Love the new album, however I do favour blues rock. Sounds like black keys with a hint of Zappa influence. Different to the last ones i agree.
  • Avatar for Reignmund
  • Avatar for Mountain_Man
    drgreyhound took the words right out of my mouth
  • Avatar for LostUnknown
    Is a very good album an I think there is a lot of new song that will sound amazing mixed with the old ones. I WANT TO SEE THEM IN LIVE!
  • Avatar for drgreyhound
    They're losing their experimental edge with each successive album. The new one is just straight blues rock. It'll be great, as always, when played live, but it just sounds regressive on the album. Horrible fuzz tones on the guitar too. Not a bad album at all, but I prefer the genre-hopping of Fits and Last Day of Summer.
  • Avatar for senobliaj
    Classic Austin
  • Avatar for amiantos
    New album is out...ish
  • Avatar for Reignmund
    Oct 29th for the new album.
  • Avatar for LostUnknown NEW SONG!!
  • Avatar for Kezman85
    Incredible live act!
  • Avatar for indy02
    Starting to really, really like these guys.
  • Avatar for readaryan
    wen does the new album come out, anyone knw
  • Avatar for cauehto
    big silly dumb crush
  • Avatar for nabeshin
    Would be great if they'll visit russian fans [2]
  • Avatar for Reignmund
  • Avatar for LostUnknown News about the new album!!
  • Avatar for MahYooh
  • Avatar for JvPutten
    Went to a White Denim concert once, without knowing the band. I just liked the description of the band. Turned out to be pretty fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for austinsunday
    I just imagined Napoleon saying "this was a fabulous discovery" lol
  • Avatar for samuelfox1990
    fits and last day of summer are indeed their best
  • Avatar for telecaster655
    fits and last day of summer are their best
  • Avatar for coke_stuff
    Would be great if they'll visit russian fans
  • Avatar for megan-who
    this was a fabulous discovery
  • Avatar for GonnaGetYouAll
    The new song "Gas On F" is amazing!!!!


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