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The utterly insane, genre bending band that is Whiskey & Speed was formed in Brisbane, Australia in early 2008 by school friends Dayne(Vocals) and Ben(Guitar) they have been rockin' and shockin' crowds since 2009. A few line up changes later now have a solid line up with Mick on drums and Loki on bass since mid 2011. This lead to the release of the debut album Spunge in 2012.

Whiskey & Speed are know for their crazy, high energy and downright dangerous live shoes, their intense lyrical content and their extreme, unique sound.

Whiskey & Speed fuse, blend and, among other things, distort the sounds of rock n' roll, punk rock, grunge, shock rock, metal, sludge metal, alternative, folk and a bunch of other obscure sounding genres of music. The band comprises of the maniacal vocals of Dayne, Ben playing the grungey guitar, Mick thumping the skins and Loki bringing the big ugly noise on bass.

We want to bring back something the world has either turned a blind eye to or has somehow forgot…SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK N' ROLL!

"THEY…ARE…INSAAAAAAANE!!! They have a colossal and darkly twisted energy that is infectious, but really draws out an amazing vibe from everyone.
The boys certainly have a reputation for their onstage antics. And from what I have heard, seen and read I get the feeling they kept it a little more low-key (sorry mate, unintended pun) than usual for the all ages occasion. They jump on each other, spray their drinks over everyone, kick, punch and hit each other with their instruments, crash tackle anyone that's near, they climb on everything in the room, walk away during songs and the set ends with the whole band in a sweaty pile on the floor. But oddly enough, these boys are so talented, that their set is astoundingly tight and their grungey rock groove really gets the crowd on their feet and gets everyone really loose. What Whiskey & Speed have is more than just a show. I would go as far as to say it is something you must experience before you die. There really isn't more I can say about it to do them justice other than go and see them live." - Rikochetz Events regarding performance at Halloweenfest 2011

"The most violent and destructive band to come to Ipswich" - The Coronation Hotel, 2011

"They're dirty, loud and o so loveable. Whiskey and Speed is a mish mash of covers and originals. Its all sludge, stoner, grunge, punk rock, and its all good baby." - Tom Fiend, 2010

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