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  • Avatar for niqart
    this is a guilty pleasure [3]
  • Avatar for MBBAGN
    Muito linda
  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    Life depends on it.
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    Good cover
  • Avatar for metamorfysya
    its a question of time..........................................mine to you :-)
  • Avatar for gaby_beatie
    one of my all time favourites =]
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
  • Avatar for LegoTD
    Love this song, but gets in your head an awful lot hahahahahha
  • Avatar for BennoTiger
  • Avatar for Da_booka
    Utter twonk of a song.
  • Avatar for il-onka
    Timeless! [2]
  • Avatar for barrietheone
    Just as good hearing it for the umpteenth time, as the first time
  • Avatar for Vallyre
    I love this song.....
  • Avatar for lauraculross
    i love this
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    unforgettable, timeless, immortal
  • Avatar for Metal-Kathy86
    remind me of a good movie: Four Weddings And A Funeral (◕ ‿ ◕)
  • Avatar for eins-zwei-3
    wahnsinn - ist das geil <<<< ich flippe aus !!!!
  • Avatar for carollimarol
  • Avatar for SoulaLukic
    ♥ like it ♥
  • Avatar for Froliro
    ♥ Ich liebe dieses Lied ♥
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    this is a guilty pleasure [2]
  • Avatar for Faz2
    David Armand performing interpretative dance to this song:
  • Avatar for Miss_Calvero
    ♥ like it ♥
  • Avatar for dkyser
    Love Actually...."If you really love Christmas.."
  • Avatar for pure_emotion
    nice,nice,nice....I`m not too proud to show some weakness ;-)
  • Avatar for sebre1a
    i lost my virginity on this song lol just kidding.
  • Avatar for parkinson11
  • Avatar for machsen
    This is a guilty pleasure. I love it.
  • Avatar for fancykatya
    One of the few cheeze songs I like enough to put in my library. Sometimes you need boy band level cheeze~
  • Avatar for shila95
    awwwww :)
  • Avatar for davidgeorgea
    Mmmmmmmm yea. ... Let it show ...(*_*)...
  • Avatar for chinajadee
    Wet Wet Wet = Hot Hot Hot Love every single track on this cd
  • Avatar for mick_wray
    i once won £100 singing this at karaoke gosh the rest must of been double crap lol
  • Avatar for intenso5
    Great track!
  • Avatar for Christien67
    the story of my life !!!...
  • Avatar for AnnaReina
    Aaaw reminds me of being on the plane to JA with my brother... memories!! :)
  • Avatar for davidgeorgea
    This is a super song G8 Listen ///////////// (*_*)...........
  • Avatar for pautlinka
  • Avatar for eraser666
  • Avatar for klaus555
    I love this song in the grave
  • Avatar for tillymint17
    love this song, my hubby and i danced to this at our wedding happy memories.
  • Avatar for Nadin_Kittin
  • Avatar for wack1985
    I do actually know this song. it is epically cheesy, almost on par with Wisconsin.
  • Avatar for pearlgray
    good job here
  • Avatar for mugen_is_here
    Smooth! Wheee!!
  • Avatar for wbierman
    Glad to hear this one again! Yes I prefer this version as well. I just listened to the Trogg's orginal actually and they're both great, it's just a personal preference. I can't say I usually prefer a cover over the original but it does happen.
  • Avatar for pikaparthatsnew
    One of the few covers to surpass the original imo
  • Avatar for maccablue666
    its all right but you carnt beat the trogs ???????????
  • Avatar for MrsRieffers
    Oh yes, very beautiful this song.
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song


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