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# Personnel

nerdfiles, here as Wept Without Wit, on various acoustic and electric guitars, harmonicas and possibly other instruments.

# Instruments

1. Oscar Schmidt OE30 2. Takemine GS330S 3. Baby Taylor 4. Alvarez 12-string 5. Golden Melody harmonicas 6. Special 20 harmonicas

# Recording equipment

1. Macbook Pro, 2. Audacity, 3. messy bedroom, and 4. a Crate amp found in a closet.

(Note: Try not to play at full volume. Eesh. I'm monitoring through Grados, so maybe you get it.)

# Sources

1. https… read more

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  • Avatar for Finraz
    hello. i troll you nao
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    "I was just wondering because I was wondering" That's a bit redundant, haha.
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    I was just wondering because I was wondering if it was the taste of the people who listen to you MOST. Like since you scrobble your own music I wondered if it took the artists you listen to more than others, because you have scrobbled more than others. Because I was considering Scrobbling my own music really intensely if it would be reflected in the similar artists.
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    well from what I know it's based on your listeners and what they listen to, and how many listeners you have. Because when I first had similar artists one of the bands listed there was Heroin, a pretty cool hardcore band, and now it's changed to really underground foreign screamo from what I can tell, and I only have folk punk covers up right now.
  • Avatar for wittysense
    I'll gladly to listen to your music & comment.
  • Avatar for wittysense
    Eh, not at all. I'm not sure how produced that list. I wish it would go away, but this is fingerstyle guitar. ;-/
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    Are the artists in your similar artists ones you're influenced by or anything?
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    I see, I'll be sure to listen to it. I love emo and punk in general. If my music scene wasn't garbage I'd try and get something going. But I do have a solo project, you're welcome to leave pointless comments there :) I would actually enjoy your criticism, once I get something that isn't a cover up.
  • Avatar for wittysense
    I'm thinking the "Memorable Remembers (Kafke Version. ..." has that vibe. It should be the only one tagged as this, while the album's collected tags might imply they all fit that description, that was not my intention.
  • Avatar for coleheideman
    I agree, In fact, everything I said was essentially pointless. Like, I had no reason to continually defend my comments, other than making you angry. I'm not sure, but it should be obvious enough that each comment was scrambling, like bringing up the age thing. So I can see it for myself, I just chose not to I guess. I would promise not to make daft comments from this point on, unless they're about like... Justin Bieber. But I'm sure I will again, just not intentionally. The more I think about all this the more foolish I feel, I really don't often do things like all that below. So, again, I apologize. also, I love Cap'n Jazz. Oh yeah, that brings me to a question I've been meaning to ask you, I can't think of how to phrase it, I guess I'm wondering the reasoning behind a few of your tracks being tagged as emo?

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