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there's at least three artists with this moniker, the listed below are sorted by most played song on last.fm and relevance on discogs.

1)German EBM act Dark Sun and American PowerNoize act Slayv Axis have remixed eachothers work several times over the coarse of 2006. Each remix was greatly successful with the perfect blending of the two styles. The two solo projects sounded superb combined in this manner. It was only natural for them to unite under one banner…WELTKRIEG. After the 4 initial songs recorded April & May of 2007, Jon Yaqub (Dark Sun) became unavailable to continue contributing to the project. As a result, there was no new recorded material for the following 6 months. John LoHr (Slayv Axis) ultimately decided to keep pressing forward with the project in November 2007 & hired on the synthesis talents of Gregorie Krieg from the California based EBM band Fatal Rupture.

Members:Dark Sun, Darkstar, Fatal Rupture, Slayv Axis

2)The history of the band Weltkrieg started in the beginning of 2007. The founder and the only member of the band is Cylezar. Weltkrieg is a studio oriented black metal band and has never performed live. The genre of his music is defined as War Black Metal, because the lyrical themes of the songs are related with the medieval wars. The music bears the atmosphere of wars, forests and winds.

The Werewolf EP, 2007
Demo 2007 Demo, 2007
Covers Album EP, 2008
"Overthrow of Oppressive Fetters'' EP, 2008

3)Weltkrieg is NSBM band From Slovakia.Weltkrieg is German for 'World War'.
Weltkrieg (Svk) - Final Death CD 2008
Current label:Armour Get Dawn

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