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  1. Mors Atra is a side project of German NSBM horde Wehrhammer. Krieg was also involved in NSBM founders Covern of the Worm.

  2. There are at least two artists by this name:

    1. A black metal band from Germany
    2. Delmatic black/thrash duo from Sinj, Croatia. (the one true…

  3. Flammentod Is NSBM From Germany formed at year 2001 in Hessen and have deal with Flammentod Teutschland.

    Current Line-up:
    Tyrrecvir - All Music &…

  4. Early Black Metal from Switzerland. Formed in 1993 in Basel, Switzerland by the Band's only member, Zwingherr Greif.

    First releases featured common…

  5. Gassturm is a NS-Black Metal Band from Germany.
    The only member "Katarrh" released 3 demos and participated in a split with Rabennacht.

  6. Holocaustus is Nsbm Band from Germany formed at year 1998 in Hessen and have deal with Warhorn Productions.

    Current Line-up:
    Tyrrecvir -…

  7. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2003 - Christen Sind Unser Unglück (demo)
    - 2004 - Los von Rom (demo)
    - 2005 - Magna Europa Est…

  8. Morke are noted as being the first NSBM group.
    The Band was formed in 1993 in Germany (Würzburg/Bavaria)
    Formerly known as Rahu.

    Morke was an…

  9. There are at least 2 bands called Ulfhethnar:

    (1) A German RAC/black metal side-project by Widar of Bilskirnir fame.

    (2) An Argentine black metal…

  10. Raw German Black Metal.

    Last known line-up
    Kreul - Guitar/vocals
    Brand (Jens Schöpfe) - Drums, bass, backing vocals & synths (Last Rites (Ger),…

  11. their name sounds like hersheys, their lyrics are about eating a shit load of american candy bars. They really love george bush sr. and the NWO

  12. Ziontod is a Black Metal act from Germany. Formed in 2007, he is still active today.

    Ziontod himself does all the instruments and vocals. His main…

  13. NS Black Metal with RAC influence from Germany. Sig, the creator of this project is involved with many other German black metal bands such as…

  14. Schiffbruch 88 is a black metal band from Berlin, Germany.

    Members :
    Jeweller von Zion-Kali - Guitars, Drums
    Sin-Agoge - Keyboards
    Kohl-Rabbi -…

  15. One of the earliest (1992) attested german Black Metal bands, Coven of the Worm played harsh and raw black metal from the early to late 90s.

  16. Menneskerhat is a project with 2 members:
    F.M.(Epithalium) and Herr Rabensang(Totenburg, Epithalium, ex-Antiphrasis)
    These two guys released two…

  17. Hellfucked, lyrically inspired by darkness and satanism, is a black metal band from Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany found in 1995. The band was formerly…

  18. Skatval - all instruments and vocals

  19. Wolfhammer Division is NSBM band formed in Canada. Year of formation is 2001. Current line-up are four musicians:

    Kommander Northwolf - Vocals…


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