• Influential Album #13 - Weezer - "Maladroit"

    21 Feb 2010, 21:47 by eggshmeg35

    When most people think about an influential Weezer album, usually The Blue Album or Pinkerton come to mind. Not for me. “Maladroit” was the first Weezer album that I listened to in its’ entirety. Although I do agree that Pinkerton and The Blue Album are both highly influential albums in their own right, “Maladroit” is the album for me that I automatically think of when I think about Weezer.

    “Maladroit” really marks a turning point in the career of Weezer, in my opinion. Shortly before Rivers Cuomo decided to dwell into the depth of teen pop, there was Maladroit. It’s Weezer’s final album that appeals to me. You just don’t hear songs like “Slob” on their new albums. It’s definitely the heaviest of Weezer albums made to date, and I believe that this type of sound suited them best.

    “Maladroit” also marks a turning point in my interest in music. I was twelve when the album came out, and songs like “Dope Nose” and “Keep Fishin’” (which has one of the most memorable videos ever) were released as singles. …
  • Bloody people!

    12 Jul 2006, 21:58 by SpinyNorman777

    Stealing my job opportunities...16 year olds and eastern european immigrants alike (both with about the same vocab level in english). Anyway. Uni results = pass 1st year (save one organic chemistry resit boo hiss).

    Music time!

    Muse are superb. Great new album - a grower, not a shower though.

    Hmm....my top 20 artists, and a song or two of theirs of note.

    1. Muse - no surprise here. A legendary trio (ok, Morgan makes it 3 and a 1/2) from Teignmouth, still rocking my world. Citizen Erased is my favourite track, and favourite song of all time. A good new song is Invincible - killer bassline, killer guitar solo, happy(!) lyrics, great drumming....fantastic new song. And an underrated song would be Shine, a VERY powerful love song.

    2. System of a Down - I'm surprised to see this here actually. Not that they don't deserve to be - they're a great band...a metal band with a singer who can sing! And a guitarist on 'backing' vocals who harmonises really weirdly... …