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  • @avantish Wow! Stunned to see you slam this record like that. It might not be their absolute best (but which record IS? That's the question we Ween fans wrestle over every day) but I rank it up there with the boys' best. There is kind of a darkness to the album that isn't found anywhere else in the Ween catalog (except perhaps parts of The Pod), which I could see being kind of shocking/hard to deal with at first, but Ween was never a "joke" band and their humor was always secondary to their great songwriting for me, so the shift didn'r bother me too much.
  • Horribly overrated by Ween fans... "The album on a whole is comparable to Chocolate and Cheese or their first album GodWeenSatan in that not one single mood or theme can describe it". Yes, but those albums were FUN. This is painfully sedated and just plain boring.
  • they're playing thorns
  • Bought this one when it came out and played it almost constantly for a good solid year. The streak from The Mollusk -> Quebec is one of the best by ANY rock band of any era, in my view, and all three records sound like they could've been made by three different bands. Not to say the records before The Mollusk were anything other than great, but I've always felt that it, White Pepper and Quebec were just on a different level. I miss this band terribly, their music is truly special to me and their live shows were incredible.
  • I'm too attached to The Mollusk to call this their best, but it's definitely right behind it.
  • Fuck me, Quebec is so good! I'm so glad a friend played Zoloft after I ate a brownie, that was a weird/memorable experience. I think this is the perfect introduction to all things Ween.
  • The album cover is so fucking perfect. It looks just like one of those weird-ass illustrations that you'd find in a high school French textbook.
  • Best Ween album. Prove me wrong. [3]
  • yeah, this is really good.
  • Quebec rules

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