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  • This band is amazing, I am so happy to have found.
  • beautiful. just - beautiful. and love the trumpets...
  • win win win
  • http://www.lastfm.es/group/Post-Rock+Chile
  • I hate those trumpets! Anyways, nice sound.
  • great stuff
  • great :)
  • fucking perfect
  • double yeah!
  • yeah!
  • this is where post rock should be
  • amazing.
  • the live in sheffield canceled?who can tell me
  • =]
  • love this band
  • Enjoy Wake 44 in the excellent Gimme Friction Baby game: http://jayisgames.com/archives/2007/07/cgdc3_gimme_friction_baby.php
  • Someone want to upload something?
  • Reminds me a lot of The Six Parts Seven -- which is a good thing! I love We Too Are Concerned....
  • i agree with the anathallo comparison, but i think of mouth of the architect at the same time. not as heavy, but similar progressions.
  • They were great at Arctic Sounds last week.. They're very friendly guys too! Thanks again for signing my cd! x
  • I've only heard the two free download tracks from last.fm (Dog, Stellenbosch), but what a great sound they have. I will buy their album(s), definitely.
  • I really enjoyed the concert @ Charlatan yesterday. We vs. Death rocks!!
  • Yah awesome band...I personally think of anathallo, mt.(mount), and cursive when i hear this band. Guitars sound almost exactly like cursive. But again great band!
  • my dog is watching me sounds alot like Modest Mouse in some parts of the song.
  • блять
  • One of my favourite Bands from Utrecht!
  • really enjoy listening to these guys.
  • hrm...listening to the free tracks. pretty good
  • energtic sounds. fucking awesome.
  • Great Band <3


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