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  • Avatar for napalmterrorist
    полная мазафака
  • Avatar for nastyghoul
    lol metalcore??? nope
  • Avatar for tikcho
  • Avatar for xEye4Eyex
    New ep is awesome! They deserve more listeners
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Echo & Nine Circles...dig those tracks a lot! \m/
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    yeah definitely circle of contempt's baby, although they definitely have their own unique sound too
  • Avatar for invertique
    Sounds laik CoC.
  • Avatar for IILAmbdA
    New EP sooon WOOHOO
  • Avatar for deeperthewound
    Nine Circles is tight.
  • Avatar for garikpag1
    саунд на сёрклов похож
  • Avatar for IILAmbdA
  • Avatar for ChickenHerps
    djeeeennnntttt <3
  • Avatar for Sternika
    Not metalcore
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    Metalcore? Wat
  • Avatar for shapiq
    not bad)
  • Avatar for PLASTIFICAT
    Зер гут
  • Avatar for kiwilols
  • Avatar for xmetabolicx
  • Avatar for xzakkxsx
    Check it out if you like this band! We're called Covenants
  • Avatar for Mickis-- ANOTHER NEW SONG!
  • Avatar for woodnthejoenas
    your song minus for spirit i hope u must more crazy . but i like your music colour .!! keep spirit !!
  • Avatar for Mickis-- NEW SONG!
  • Avatar for Z0rg89
    The new songs are so good.
  • Avatar for xGunmetalAngel
    Found out about these guys just shortly because their song "The Podium" is downloadable for Rock Band. I definitely have to buy it, it's so tight. Percussion is amazing.
  • Avatar for knight_88
    such a great band.
  • Avatar for TaggingMachine_
    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 2529 listeners. It will take a while for the change to show.
  • Avatar for Ripped__Apart
    massive sound, vox - baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
  • Avatar for KiwiNL
    this is awesome
  • Avatar for Anxiosum
  • Avatar for Manimaalii
    i apologize for this, but if you enjoy wati, please check out Ocean Within from Finland also! ps. i just cant get enough of the podium of lies
  • Avatar for EmppuDH
    Nice and very promising!
  • Avatar for Clemmetarey2
    the EP is great !
  • Avatar for Winter_Dave
    for me way better than CoC...more winds of plague and BOO wannabe motives, but wtf? I like it ;)
  • Avatar for Deduct
    Exactly the same sort of recording as CoC but meh, decent shit.
  • Avatar for Vithon
    For a second, I thought CoC meant Corrosion of Conformity and not Circle of Contempt. Time to ignore this band, then.
  • Avatar for DemonX99999
    They imitate CoC in almost every aspect, but this band is still sick. Hope to see some more branching out on the new ep.
  • Avatar for Cheffenstienz
    Comparing these guys to CoC AHAHA, they are nothing alike? where are the progressive riffs? where are the progressive breaks? CoC are just screamo metalcore with Messugah ripped riffs? Wodovit?
  • Avatar for exneo002
  • Avatar for bones2flesh
    did thegatewayface just say that CoC Sucked...Come one now...
  • Avatar for ohiimDANIEL
    Stop labeling shit, dipshit. GTFO.
  • Avatar for tetsii
    I love that picture of Makku being the profile pic. So epic.
  • Avatar for ChaVarOmBitOz
    progressive metalcore/deathcore, n.n
  • Avatar for TheGetawayFace
    The biggest difference between these guys and Circle of Contempt is that these guys don't suck.
  • Avatar for connorlouiselle
    much love for WATI! come tour with us and the Halfwest family now!
  • Avatar for Mickis-- join there if u want to suppportt!
  • Avatar for xALSHALLPERISHx
    So much talent, keep it up.
  • Avatar for gabizoune
    all bands in deathcore metalcore scene are ripoff's themselves.
  • Avatar for xSOMx
    this band is so damn unique, keep it up <- have you ever heard of Circle Of Contempt? this band is a total ripoff.
  • Avatar for niqpwnz
    cool band, cool album.
  • Avatar for Ansel Marrow
    Dig the EP, it shreds.


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