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  • Avatar for SoRave
    eh, i definitely don't like this song as much as i did when i was 16.
  • Avatar for LuanaCloux
    i would try and understand that i'm to blame 'cause i'm so lameeeeeeeeeee
  • Avatar for LuanaCloux
    so what who gives a fuckkkkkkk
  • Avatar for sublimes0ul
  • Avatar for Vedda17
    Who said this sounds like Oasis? Go put your head in a toilet and flush it.
  • Avatar for killcitydevil
    ...Oasis?? :|
    I WUV WAVVES [3]
  • Avatar for RandallBoggs
    sounds too much like oasis for me...
  • Avatar for DeadlyWaste
    Best wavves song )))-:
  • Avatar for Cazdlt
    This song is so good what the fuck
  • Avatar for BlueDotZong
  • Avatar for gardenhead1
    favourite song at the moment.
  • Avatar for LindeeLee
    I'd run away with you.
  • Avatar for IndieRebellion
    I WUV WAVVES. [2]
  • Avatar for salsastark
    This is officially my favorite song tbh
  • Avatar for chappyfist
    such a good band
  • Avatar for LisaGArfield
    my, my own friends hate me but i don't give a shiiiiit. [2]
  • Avatar for ravenclaw94
    Cool song.
  • Avatar for whatislyf
    myyyyyy, my own friends hate me, but i don't give a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. my life in one sentence.
  • Avatar for californiagoth
    i'm to blaaaaame 'cause i'm so laaaaaaame
  • Avatar for bellicoseeyes
    green eyes, I'd run away with you
  • Avatar for RayneDemi
    "But I don't give a shit"
  • Avatar for Emily318
    ....-faints-.....-recovers-......-faints again-......HOLY SHIT! AWESOME :)
  • Avatar for newyorkoneday
    This song.
  • Avatar for thebug3
    my own friends hate my guts. so what?
  • Avatar for BuddhaBrown
    I'm just not man enough
  • Avatar for soimjoey
  • Avatar for Bethany_Smitka
  • Avatar for AsthrayHeart
    ah fuck, when i see my cheesy shout on this song, it makes me cringe.
  • Avatar for AshessehsA
    This song is pretty good.
  • Avatar for AsthrayHeart
    oh goshhhhhhhhh! this song is so damn pretty! awwwwwwww :D
  • Avatar for SomeOtherGirl76
    Who gives a fuuuuuuck?
  • Avatar for zilbetty
    can't. get. enough.
  • Avatar for Jeggles
    Amazing. My favourite on the album.
  • Avatar for Nan_araujo
    and I really need a girl with green eyes to send this song to her.
  • Avatar for Nan_araujo
    i love the transfer from angsty noisepop to cute electropop. [2]
  • Avatar for lahx
    so good.
  • Avatar for ForeverxAutumn
  • Avatar for livefstdieyoung
  • Avatar for MatthewGill
    I love these lyrics
  • Avatar for jctapp
    i love the transfer from angsty noisepop to cute electropop.
  • Avatar for Judester69
    I'd run away with you<3
  • Avatar for dylinmay
    i have green eyes. and sometimes, i like to think he's singing this for me. ohh nathan
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    fav track off the album on 1st listen
  • Avatar for t0xication
    favorite song by him
  • Avatar for catherinesoraya
    love this
  • Avatar for gangatheloon
    best song on the album [3]
  • Avatar for KeatonXZX
    I love this song.
  • Avatar for cleverity
    this is so so so so soooo goooooooooood
  • Avatar for Sockhead360
    for sure best on the album


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