• WarsawpacK

    13 Apr 2011, 18:00 by Catatonik

    A review of the career of this highly gifted Hamilton, Ontario band. A fusion of rap-rock and Jazz-funk, the band is well worth your time to look up.

  • 8 Track mixes

    24 Apr 2010, 20:12 by Catatonik

    and why we love making mix-tapes.

    Let's start with the fact that everyone loves music (except the kind of people you can't like), and everyone, regardless of whether they can make music, likes to use it to move other people.

    We love to t\make mixes, because we can use all that music we love, to make someone else feel a specific way, or think about certain things.

    Making a mix-tape is not just a matter of throwing a bunch of congs together. Everyone knows that rarely works out.

    A mix-tape has to flow, it has to engage and engulf.

    Here, are a few examples of such:

    A Musical Retrospective of 2001:

    A co-operative group mix:

    Heartbreak in three flavours:
  • Criminally underrated bands

    6 Mar 2009, 21:34 by abclaret

    Theres lots of medocrity that gets way to much play here and elsewhere, rather than put together some pissy rant I thought I'd put together an expanding list of good bands who I think warrant the need to be checked out.

    King Prawn in the 90's this band kept ska innovative and they were several times recognised as pioneers by awards and in the UK press. If these guys didn't throw their schtick in the blender you would have never had Sonic Boom Six or King Blues.

    Sona Fariq can't get my head around why these guys weren't bigger. Very similar to Dub War and Skindred.

    earthtone9, when nu-metal crap was over saturating the alternative metal airways, an intelligent metal band from the UK came along doing something different and guess what? When you see good bands like this get zero recognition its easy to feel resentment towards metallers.

    Blaggers I.T.A. probably the best anti-fascist band ever to grace music. Matty was left to rot in prison by the nazi British Movement after being a 'follower'…
  • year in review / my top 100 by country

    20 Dec 2007, 02:42 by GlobalHolocaust

    WOOO! I've been on for a year now, and it's almost the end of the calender year as well, so I figured I should make an epic journal to top the year off. I'm also thinking about re-organizing the way I have my music sorted on my computer and do it all by country, instead of alphabetical.

    I figure having it sorted that way will also be better for people who download from me off SoulSeek. It might take a while to do, but I figured I'd start by looking at my top 100 artists on here in the past year, and seeing what countries music I listen to most.

    Results... the top 5

    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. UK
    4. Denmark
    5. Sweden or Japan

    Top 100 over the last year

    Black Kronstadt canada
    Global holocaust canada
    Skarpretter denmark
    Paragraf 119 denmark
    Venom uk
    Autonomia peru
    Iskra canada
    Massgrave canada
    2.5 Children Inc. usa
    Protestera sweden
    Slayer usa
    Disrupt usa
    Garmonbozia usa
    Resistant Culture usa
    Misery usa
    Warfair? usa
    Atrocious Madness usa
  • In the Words of a So-Called Prophet

    16 Nov 2007, 16:54 by Catatonik

    Can be found valuable insights, and arrogant egotism.

    But as far asinsight goes, I certainly have a lot to offer. Especially in the realm of 'what NOT to do in any given situation'.

    That asides, this is a re-introduction to ED!, as the other two threads have sunk into the hungry black maw of the MD.


    ED! does not want your money, your worship, or your praise.
    DE! does not want you to go to war for her, convert the non-believers or build an empire in her name.

    Neither wants you to do anything with your life other than improve it. To grow as a person, spiritually and mentally, to live by a set of morals and do what is right.

    If you can do so with a sense of humour all the better.

    Truth be told, as far as Deities go, ED!DE is pretty lazy, expecting you to do the hard work, though through their Prophet they atleast provide a touch of inspiration.

    Honestly though, as far as Anthropomorphic Personifications of Divinity go, the two of them are pretty pits. …
  • RE:B00T

    29 Sep 2007, 08:55 by Catatonik

    Since setting up a account two years ago, my computer logged 100,000 tracks played, with the highest played being The Smalls, followed by Ween, Devin Townsend and a number of others.

    My most played tracks were spread out amongst K'naan, Warsawpack and Lucidream pretty ubiquitously.

    The reason I am wiping all the info, is to allow myself to study and manipulate my own listening habits for the next year. A sort of studied act to balance musicians, styles and themes.

    A little less obsession over certain key artists, and a more evenly distributed listening base.

    Should be interesting to see where it goes....
  • Spectrums

    20 Sep 2007, 04:27 by Catatonik

    Sometimes I go through phases, and a certain style of music becomes the focus of my attention, to the point of flooding my senses sometimes.

    I have drowned myself in the nihilistic fury of punk, swam through the razor edged waters of metal, stalked through the streets of hip-hop and floated through the spaces of electronica.

    That my tastes have expanded to the point they are now, results in me chasing no longer genres, but ideals, and I swim upstream, funting for the music that can stir my soul, inspire my mind, and move my body.

    I am as easilly swept away by Ani DiFranco as I am by Leftover Crack or Warsawpack.

    I can sit and let the whiskey stained voice of Johnny Cash, or be swept up by the impassioned sounds of Nevermore.

    When I travel Aesop Rock, fills my ears, or perhaps Corey Smith.

    Wether I am floating in folk-rock, or headbanging to metal, more and more, it is what is being said that becomes my focus.

    Perhaps it is time to start writing reviews again.
  • The Gandharvas

    15 Nov 2006, 02:58 by Catatonik

    Canadian, obscure, talented, bizarre, tourbeasts. Defunct.

    Another Canadian gem that slipped beneathe the radars with a Ween like approach to sound and style, and a unique vocalist.Gandharvas

    THeir first two albums are pure insane wickedness, but their third and final album is a lackluster watered down affair.

    Add these to your lists next to
    The Villains
    The Smalls
    The Interpestuals

    as a name to prove that Canadas underground has a boiling mass of awesomeness.
  • Bands I've Seen Live

    18 Oct 2006, 14:11 by local_h

  • Message and Music:

    19 Jul 2006, 07:10 by Catatonik

    Whilst partaking of a relaxing joint on my patio, a good friend of mine, Kevin, and I bandied back and forth, our favourite intesely passionate songs containing a message.

    We discovered that a good number of them were Punk and Hip-hop, but there came a couple surprises.

    K'naan - My Old Home: Is a blunt, and surprisingly elegant, yet impassioned song about growing up in Somalia and what it's like there. Highly evocative and full of intensity and wistful melancholy.

    Nevermore - The Final Product: Heavy and melodic, with Warrel Danes vocals taking the insightful and accusatory lyrics to new heights of intensity. The chorus alone is full of emotion and points.

    Leftover Crack - Life is Pain: Punky, catchy, intense, wickedly heavy riffs, harsh black metal vocals, and a song about over-population and image obsession.

    Warsawpack - Attention to Deficit: Full of rage and and yelling for change, the tracks vocals, and exceedingly well-read lyrics call out the blatant over-medication of our world…