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  • Avatar for ringwraith10
    Warlock: n, "a male witch; sorcerer." Wouldn't it make more sense if this band were called "Witch"?
  • Avatar for wert100500
    awesome band
  • Avatar for Rackeeel
    Doro <3
  • Avatar for mybzis
    We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Avatar for Sqvoll91
    Варлок просто бомба, особенно Triumph and Agony.
  • Avatar for koenijo
    Doro's gig at the Rockhard Festival was so awesome. Except Breaking the law and Revenge she plays only Warlock songs.
  • Avatar for metalkillthekin
    Triumph And Agony!!
  • Avatar for Steambull
    How have I never even heard of them?? Listening to debut album atm, fucking rocks! Pesch sounds like a combination of Geddy Lee and Vince Neil :P
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Great German heavy metal!
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
  • Avatar for humanzee91
    awesome \\m/
  • Avatar for thrashwar
    warlock and doro the best----metal queen forever..
  • Avatar for maideninheaven
    I fucking love this band
  • Avatar for nicorebel
    beautiful woman in this band.
  • Avatar for Aldencia
    Hello, check out the new EP of [artist]Livin Fire[/artist] --> [url=]Under The Spell[/url] || classic hard rock / heavy metal.
  • Avatar for Neon_Blackie
    Hello fans W.A.S.P.!!! a rare recording of the song Fistful Of Diamonds and visit my channel. on it you will find many interesting and rare video W.A.S.P.! sign on my channel on You Tube and I will often delight rare videos W.A.S.P.
  • Avatar for steelironmaiden
    Hellyeah!!! i love this band!!!!
  • Avatar for Lord_DeviL_
  • Avatar for skoro1975
    ALL FEMALE METAL BAND: - DRACENA - (black thrash death metal band from Sweden) listen:
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    'without you' BEST (・ω・∪)
  • Avatar for Coldblessed
    'Stay hard true as steel' - that should be a motto of all the metalheads!
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Burning the Witches!
  • Avatar for Sewer007
    This band destroy my mind with touch of evil!
  • Avatar for Stroke-Mister
    My first thousand scrobbs of Warlock, yeah!
  • Avatar for Miksu-70
    I must say that I miss the Warlock days. Luckily Doro when on stage sings Warlock stuff.
  • Avatar for Leatherripper
  • Avatar for Stroke-Mister
    My favorite female band
  • Avatar for Overture1383
    Великая группа! Лично в моей жизни эти песни очень много значат) Warlock Forever!!!
  • Avatar for Runoflife
    Definition of german metal. Probably not best female vocals, but I respect mrs. Pesch for her contribution into metal world.
  • Avatar for Idiots-Rule
    When I heard Burning The Witches around 14-15 I was totally crazy about it. I remember walking around in school with it in my mp3, but I never fancied the other albums nearly as much, including Doro's solo stuff. I always felt Burning The Witches was one of those ultimate 80's heavy metal albums in sound, performance and energy.
  • Avatar for WatsonPepeLives
    Definition of pure 80's heavy
  • Avatar for kulakovvv
    All We Are - отрочество.... Классная вещь!
  • Avatar for fearimpaired
    There is genial honesty in Doro & Warlocks music. [2] YES!
  • Avatar for TheJudasMaster
    Some truly great work.
  • Avatar for Rubberbandman16
    I love Warlock, ESPECIALLY Doro
  • Avatar for Stroke-Mister
    I love Warlock
  • Avatar for Wrathem
    They have some of the best ballads of all time. Like "Make Time For Love"
  • Avatar for crownanchor
  • Avatar for Necrosathanas
    One of my favorite bands! Haven't heard a bad release, and Doro did a killer show last summer in Tampere!
  • Avatar for eSpinoza88
    I'm for 70s prog Warlock
  • Avatar for LordMumpitz
    There is genial honesty in Doro & Warlocks music.
  • Avatar for Estranged_Ann
    one of the best heavy metal bands ever! Triumph And Agony absolute masterpiece.
  • Avatar for steelironmaiden
    demais! doro a verdadeira queen.
  • Avatar for sadymetalic
    Doro es la ama.
  • Avatar for r0x_666
    Cool stuff , esp Triumph and agony :)
  • Avatar for Suhl
    Metalheads, join the group if you're KNARCK!!!
  • Avatar for cabeludoinferno
    doro = queen
  • Avatar for Melz_xXx
    Earth Shaker Rock \,,/
  • Avatar for thrashwar
    warlock and doro the best...
  • Avatar for Mr_Hobbit_Phaal
    Hehe, when Doro was young (Warlock era) .. i cant help myself, but... She reminds me (by face) Penny from Big Bang Theory :]


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