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  1. Lowriders is an alias for Showtek.

  2. MR Puta is A DJ/Vocalist and He is maybe who join together with Showtek.he makes sounds for DJ duro,DJ Dirk....
    his song is succesfully populair in…

  3. There are FOUR artists known by the name of Dutch Masters:

    1. Garage punk band from Memphis.

    2. Dutch Masters are two brothers, better known…

  4. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  5. DJ Duro, in real life known as Sjoerd Janssen, is one of the two brothers that form the group Showtek, the other being Walt.

  6. Alias of Tatanka.

  7. Deepack:


  8. Biography Abyss & Judge

    “The Abyss & Judge sound is very diverse,” says DJ/producer Gevrey Heijnes, “but catchy as well. We prefer hardstyle…

  9. Blademasterz is Brennan Heart.

  10. Collaboration between Tatanka and Zatox

  11. 2 Best Enemies is an alias of Technoboy (real name: Cristiano Giusberti), an Italian DJ-Producer who started playing vinyl in 1992. His music style is…

  12. Alias of Tatanka which was used once for "Floor Massacre / Tripods Attack" release on Zanzatraxx in 2006.

  13. Another alias of Gerardo Roschini, better known as Zatox. Italian hardstyle producer releasing on the Ipnotika label.

  14. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  15. Tatact is a collaboration between Tatanka and Activator.

  16. Hardstyle

  17. Sylenth & Glitch is a hardstyle act, formed by A-Lusion and DJ Jones.

    A-Lusion official site
    DJ Jones official site

  18. Daniele Mondello is a DJ born and raised in Sicily, Italy. In 1990/1991 he became number 1 both at the national championship "Stagione Estiva" at…

  19. Southstylers is a group consisting of DJ Zany & Walt from Showtek.


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