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  1. hann cassady is a singer/songwriter recently relocated to the east coast from her hometown of chicago, il. she has stopped sleeping and started…

  2. Roya is a lonely soul from Pennsylvania who writes and records sad music in her bedroom.


  3. John Thill lives in Uptown Whittier, South East L.A. County. He writes songs mostly about different freeways, the properties of sunlight and…

  4. JP Nederveld is a lo-fi bedroom musician, based in Lakeland, FL, who goes by the name low fields. He also takes pictures and writes words.

  5. http://ellykingdonmakesmusic.bandcamp.com/

  6. Sometimes Eye Seas writes really cheesy songs because she wants to. Other times she records more random songs and stuff because it's fun.

  7. Lofi folk acoustic stuff by a cool ass kid from Florida

  8. insecurities put to melodies.


  9. tBH started in 2007 from the late-night jam sessions of Kris Klubo and Tim Shireman, former members of London industrial/ electronic outfit The…

  10. Morgan Spaner is from Glen Burnie, Maryland, and a part of the Tricot Records label/family


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