• Stan Ridgway Steps on a Cat and Celebrates Wall of Voodoo

    11 Ago 2007, 22:16 de JoeIsListening

    Tue 7 Aug – Stan Ridgway

    First off, I've been trying to catch up with Stan Ridgway for twenty years. I admit that I bought Wall of Voodoo's Call Of The West because of Mexican Radio, but I fell in love with the album. I rolled my eyes when Stan left - well, isn't it typical, I find a band I really like and they fall apart. And Andy Prieboy tried, but he was an inferior substitute.

    I found out about The Big Heat after it had come out, tracked it down, thought it was brilliant. Then I went through a two-decade long pattern of finding out that Mr. Ridgway had played Cleveland or some other nearby metro after the fact. Twice it was literally the day after. Once I found out the day of the show and already had commitments I couldn't back out of.

    Thanks to the internet and Stan's mailing list, I was ready for this show, a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Call of the West. To make sure I didn't miss this one, I bought my tickets two months in advance. And I waited.